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C Jane Get Gamgee

Dear Mayday, Behold I Give You The Couple!

Dear Stephanie, Behold I Give To You The Ring!

What Chup Got For His Birfthday

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Ahhhh Much Better

I Made An Appointment. I Am Going Back To Blonde.

Summer: So Long Farewell, Alvederzane Good-bye, I Hate To Go I Cannot Tell A Lie (However, I am Known to Exaggerate Here and There.)

Not Meant To Be Rhetorical

And My Universe Was Right... (Like A Good Flipping Of The Bird.)

Is It A Cop Out If I List?

gc6 You Likey?

Listen Blogger, I Get So Mad When You Won't Upload My Pictures, I Have A Public To Please!

Stunned...My Photo Essay of A Southwest Woman In Peril