gc6 You Likey?

So if anybody asks, I am in Idaho.
Basically, I really am in Idaho because my in-laws built this gorgeous house on the rim of a big canyon that runs through town.
Speaking of town...all summer long I've dreamt of buying a mu-mu (housedress whatever you call it at your house) and today I went to Desert Industries and low-and-behold I found the mu-mu (housedress or fill in your word ___) of my dreams!
But 'cept Chup wouldn't buy it for me.
Chup hates mu-mus because a lady in his old ward who taught his friends piano lessons wore mu-mus, and although she was a nice lady and all, he can't get past the fact that mu-mus were invented to cover up fat!
Rude Chup!
But 'cause I am definitely a feminist for my time, I bought the mu-mu and I've been walking around the house reminding Chup to practice Minuet in G minor for his piano concert next Tuesday.
He winces everytime I do it, what fun! What fun!

(I mean you can tell me if you like it, or whatever, but just as a side-note, I am going to be wearing it anyway... cause that's what us feminists do, by-the-way.)

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