Oh The Things That Grow!

Since the storm, our neighborhood hasn't been the same. The fir tree across the way that we enjoyed from our front window was chopped down last week. Our ninety-something-goddess-of-the-garden-neighbor across the street has put her house up for sale. During the now definable SUPERCELL, I watched her tree fall down, smash her fence and threaten the roof of her house. Bud's Russian Olive, our favorite scary Halloween tree, is just a stump of ivy. Things feel different.

Different sad.

But not my zinneas and dahlias. They keep procreating despite it all. Everyday or so I cut a fresh bouquet for a little vase collected from random places. Pinks, yellows, purples, oranges, and some colors I can't define with the language I know. Red geraniums are peeking out now that the days are cooler.

The only word I can use to explain the joy it gives me to see them growing, blooming and multiplying is lovely.

Absolutely lovely.

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