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January 2011 photo by Jed Wells

My name is C. Jane.

I started blogging in 2005 because I like to write. So I wrote about being infertile, until I wasn't infertile anymore. Now I write about lots of things. Mostly about me. I am not shy about that, oh boy.

In 2009 I started a blog called Dear C. Jane about stuff I like, or ideas I've tried. But because life is currently complicated, I no longer keep that blog updated. Bless my soul.

I started another blog about my hometown of Provo, it's called C. Jane's Guide to Provo.

I also have a private blog, just for pictures of my children (I have three, currently--children, I mean). It's a scratch-and-sniff blog. You'd love it, but I'm not giving out the password. Safety first!

This blog won Best Major Blog for the Weblog Awards. This blog also hosts a music festival in the heart of downtown Provo, it's called The Rooftop Concert Series.

I am also a columnist for the Deseret News. Tough gig, but someone's got to do it.
I've also been published in Segullah, Sunstone, The Arizona Republic and contributed to the anthologies The Mother In Me and Dance with Them.

My writing career helps support my family.

Here are some FAQs, if you CARE:

1. You call your husband Chup, why?
It's short for Chupacabra which is a goat-sucking, demonic creature that terrorizes the heck out of Latin communities. If you knew him in real life, you'd see how this relates to his character in general. So anyway, yes it's Chup rhymes with hoop, soup and ok, poop.
He's also an actor.

2. You a Mormon? What does that say about you?
Yes I am a Mormon. To me, being a Mormon means you are seeker of truth--no matter how it comes to you, what corner of the earth you picked it up from, or who gave it to you. I try to embrace truth when it comes, I think this blog is a testament to that.

3. Do you read your email?
Yes, and I love email! But sometimes I get behind. And being the guiltless person I am, email may be the one thing that really gets me. I wish I could hit reply and answer every time, but I fear my children would go hungry and my husband would leave me for a Chupacabra-ess who is equally as spry at terrorizing Latin communities.
e-mail: cjanekendrick @  gmail.com

4. If I wanted to contact you, other than email, how?
Snail mail!
p.o. box:
2250 N. University Parkway 4876
Provo, Utah, 84604

4. Who takes the photographs on your blog?
Mostly Chup. Sometimes Jed Wells. Also, Justin Hackworth. And when she shows up in town, Wendy of Blue Lily. But mostly Chup with a Canon 5D.

5. Are you really like this in real life?
No. Well, yes. I don't understand the question?

Here's what some of my readers have to say about me (I post these humbly, mind you):

"C. Jane and I are very different but she's inspiring me to keep going, to brighten up my home, myself and my life. I am thankful for her generosity of spirit, of sharing." --Fresh Hell, Texas 

"You are like the rocky road ice cream scoop in a big bowl of vanilla. Rock on Sister Kendrick."--Cara

"You are beautiful and I love your blog so much. You inspire me to be a better wife, mom, friend, sister and daughter" --Ann

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