Not Meant To Be Rhetorical

Have you ever had that experience where your heart knows what it wants, but it fills your stomach will tiny buckets of fear, (sometimes described as a swarm of butterflies) while still, at the same time, producing a sensation that can be compared to drunkenness, like your blood is turning to glitter and your spine is charging like lightening, moving you around with a bursting energy, and though you know what you want, it both excites and disturbs you, resulting in conversations with the brain that resides in your head on topics of trying to ignore, or, giving in, full passion ahead, to the brilliance of the situation even though you find yourself communicating with others that you feel confused or apathetic when really you want to shout out with overwhelming exclamations to anyone in ear's ability that declaration of discovery and in so doing find that heaven and hell, even this eternally expanding universe, have moved just to grant you your little heart's desire?

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