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Super Zoom

Super Bloom by Annie K. Blake
In a very sexy attempt to keep our promised date nights going hot, Christopher and I planned a Friday night date-in (oh gawd, so corny) last weekend. We grabbed the new Emma from the ether, some food, some drink and some other stuff you don't need to know about (mind your own business reader!) and headed upstairs to our bedroom where we locked the door with an anticipated gusto.
Before we got the heat on, we joined up with some friends via Zoom. It is all the rage these days. If you're reading this now, it might seem banal to mention, afterall everyone is doing it! But in the future, scientists are going to want to know what means people used to stay sane under such duress, and they'll find this lowly blog and have a piece to the puzzle. Zoom, Dear Scientists, that's your answer, we met up on Zoom.
At the appointed hour we took our usual group text to the next stage and met up on laptops two-by-two to make four couples in total. Well, almo…

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