Summer: So Long Farewell, Alvederzane Good-bye, I Hate To Go I Cannot Tell A Lie (However, I am Known to Exaggerate Here and There.)

MD and Kentucky had us over for dinner last night. Phun was there too, as was Ashes and her boy friend Von Dussel. We had kabobs, corn and a sprinkled-with-tomatoes pasta salad. Too tasty.
Somewhere after dinner and devouring fruit pizza, we got on to that same old subject of how some in the family are of the opinion that I think MD is more humorous than his brother, my husband Chupafryguy. This causes a whirlwind of jealousy from my spouse who can't have his younger brother showing up in front of his own wife.
When we were first married Chup called me "The Wife" whenever he talked to friends on the phone.
"Let me run it by "The Wife" and see what she thinks."
While appreciating his consideration of my thoughts, I cringed at being referred to with such terminology. Besides, it sounded too rural for my upbringing. I put a kabosheroo on that muy rapido.
Now he calls me "Dog."
"Let me run it by "Dog" and see what she thinks."
Mmmmm. Much better.
So don't tell Chup this but sometimes MD is funnier, and don't tell MD this but sometimes Chup rides motorcycles better and at the end of the day isn't that what all women want? Also money.

Today woke me up and whispered gently in to my ear that ever-looming reminder,
you have one week until school starts.
My big lake of summer has simmered down to a small puddle. Which reminds me that I never took that fishing expedition in the Uintahs. I guess I will just have to pleased with my ridiculously cool trip to Europe. And a week of babysitting the Page's children. And a relaxing trip to Idaho.
However, before I succumb to school books and dirty looks, I feel a need to make an offering to the Summer Gods as a gracious patron of Sun and Recreation. Or in otherwords, a last Shindiggle to lay to rest this fine season. A real Go Out With A Bangduwopshoppe. Should I throw a Partyhardyrockandroll?

Best Summer Movie was Nacho Libre. I am sorry if you don't agree.

Chup is like my exaggeration case worker. If I ever drop a mild push of the truth, he comes down on me like a house of concrete and plaster. And that is no exaggeration.

Do yourself a favor and appreciate your jaw today. My jaw keeps locking up. Everytime it does I think it's because of two reasons:
1.) To stop my mouth from verbally publishing more sarcasim out in to the air people breathe or
2.) To stop my mouth from eating Chups chips waitasecond...

Chups Chips is the perfect name for a fish and chip shop.

Come and get them while they're hot! Chups Chips!

We'll also sell fruit pizza.

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