And My Universe Was Right... (Like A Good Flipping Of The Bird.)

When we served Thai food from our favorite place at our Sealing Dinner we heard all sorts of complaints. Christopher's grandmother would take a bite, fan herself and gulp down a goblet of water. It was November and The Great Dinning Hall that is Page's Gargantuan Celestial Living room was not boiling over with heat, it was the spices from our food choice.
For weeks after, people complained that they had all sorts of stomach holes and digestive disorders which they could only describe as the result of our catered food. I say, You People Don't Get Out Much. And also, Get Out More...You Cafe Rio Whore.
I should insert here (and so I will) that plenty of our guests enjoyed the Massaman Curry, Beef Waterfall, Pad Thai and Spring Rolls. Subsequently, those are the people I still consider useful in our lives. They will be those who get to hold our baby (Blessed be the day when that happens. Amen.) first. The others can wait. Our child will know culinary snobbery from day one, please believe.
Though my parents paid for the dinner on that chilly, spicy November night they were amongst my most unimpressed guests (if they shelled out the dough does that mean they were guests? Somepingdbody get me a Martha's Guide To Weddings...nothing better!)

That was three years ago.

Last night The Representative and the Council Woman invited us to have Thai food with them. (Watch Out! I am not afraid to use Italics this morning!) My dad ordered four or five plates and insisted that we passed them around like (some of us do) at BF Changs.
(BF, right? That place is so fancy!)
And so we passed and passed until we all felt like we were at a legislative session. Lucy and Ric were there too. Ric had a Pepsi. I tried to motion to Lucy under the table that she shouldn't date/marry any young man that condones the drinking of caffeinated beverages, but I don't know any sign language besides "I LOVE YOU" and "THE BIRD" as in flipping THE BIRD which is a cultural phenomena that is dying.
Please join with me in bringing it back.

Oh but what I was going to say? Oh yes. I mean how cool are my parents for getting all big and trendy and loving the food from our brothers and sisters in Thailand?
Snaps for the Rents!
But also, after dinner Chup and I headed up to see my nine-year old niece Emma, who called earlier to say that she had broken a toe that might require a big slumber party at my house! Doctors orders!
And as I sat in that big (afortnightmentioned) living room for the rest of the evening picking Page's brain about topics like Camp Shalom, while Chup chatted with Vance about how MD has inspired him to train for a triathalon, (MD you need to start eating Powerbars-my advice to you! No charge for that tidbit either! Seriously!) I couldn't help getting that Full-Circle Vibe.
My parents eat Thai food!
I can now go to my final resting place.

(Which is Target.)

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