Stunned...My Photo Essay of A Southwest Woman In Peril

11:15 I look out my window to see this happen
(the power goes out):
11:35 Chup & I get in the car to survey the neighborhood
(LaToya lives to see another day!):

11:41 Brother A's big tree landed on his wife's blazer, caving in the roof:
11:43 Flooding around the corner:

11:54 Major debris:12:01 Cancel that trip to Winnemucca:
12:45 The Dog Mahal covered in hail

(Ralph and Duch escaped without bodily injury):

1:03 The Council Woman arrives to assess damage reports...

in other news, my pink boots are awesome:

1:04 Council Woman breaks down in moment of panic and absolute destitution:
2:35 Lucy's boyfriend Ric lives nearby, his street looks like this:
2:39 We find Ric on his roof, pleading for his life:
2:46 Further down Ric's street we see telephone polls bent in half:
3:12 Ric lets me drive his tractor

(to pass the time):

3: 17 Lucy gives it a whirl

(tricky clutch):

4: 23 The Council Woman picks us up for a press conference with the Mayor:
4:34 Passionate news team channel 2

(love them):

4:37 The council discusses their options:
4:45 Lucy hearts Lewis Billings:
4:52 Lewis says "West Side" and kid next to me whispers it back:
5:17 A neighbor from the press conference shows me his house:
5:23 Hopefully that bike has a kick stand:

I am wiped out.

Send your well wishes our way...

Lest we forget The Storm of 2006!

(Didn't I look awesome on that tractor though?)

(P.S. For those who are worried about my neighbor ~J, we checked on her and she is fine. A couple tumbled garbage cans and a trip to the dentist is all.)

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