I Made An Appointment. I Am Going Back To Blonde.

"Therefore, care not for the body,
neither the life of the body;
but care for the soul,
and for the life of the
Doctrine & Covenants
I think a lot about this concept in my life-body vs. soul. Somedays are spent caring too much about the body. Those are the days that I feel empty and, for the life of me can't produce an original thought inside my head. I hate those days.
Yesterday was one of those days.
Last night I lied in bed thinking about what my soul wants in an immediate fashion. Meditation is my cure-all folks. Concentrated breathing aligns my soul back with the natural rhythms of the universe.
WARNING: After a day like yesterday, I am feeling depth this morning.
My soul, my soul wants to be blonde again.
It wants to sleep outside more.
Though nervous, it's thrilled to be teaching again soon.
My soul wants to write more letters.
And love more.
Love a lot more.
Not just people, but places and things.
My soul loves to take the dogs for a walk,
and eat fresh tomatoes from my neighbor's garden,
and dance when nobody is looking,
and sing hymns (and occasionally showtunes)
and laugh with my husband,
and give genuine compliments.
My soul delights in sunbathing,
being around the Young Women,
wearing my pink Kangaroos,
making my bed look magazine worthy,
holding babies,
and kissing Chup when he gets home.
Last night after meditation,
I had a dream about twins,
which Stephanie helped me name,
Oscar and Betsy.
My soul would love twins.

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