What Chup Got For His Birfthday

Chupa A. Cabre turned thirty-five this weekend. On Friday night we maintained his birthday dream of Thai Chili Gardens and a trip to Target. If you ever lose Chup in a department store my advice is to head straight for the toy section and bob's your uncle.
After Target we drove up to P&V's Cabin at South Fork with a Costco cheesecake, a movie and lots of drinks. If you ever lose me in a department store my advice is to head straight for the drink section and nancy's your uncle...er...aunt. (Not funny.)
As we made our way up the canyon, a storm was moving through the mountain tops. Thin fog swirled on the road and lightening whipped like a dominatrix. We reached the Cabin before the rain started. From the bigger-than-Jabba-the-Hut Love Sac, we had front row seats to the atmospheric entertainment.
In the morning we noticed that the leaves are changing. Good news, autumn is alive!
Saturday was the actual day of birth. We celebrated that night with Lucy, in our backyard. The menu consisted of fresh corn on the cob, poutine, apple beer and Canada Dry. Thank you Canada.
After dinner, Lucy's boyfriend Ric stopped by to wish Chup a good one. At one point he followed me into the kitchen and took something out of his pocket.
It was a ring.
It was a nice-sized canary yellow diamond with a pave band.
Ric made the ring himself.
It was gorgeous.
Can I be your brother-in-law? He asked.
He explained that he intended on taking Lucy for a walk and dropping a knee.
So for Chup's birthday Lucy got engaged.
Later that night, alone, we finished off more cheesecake. I asked Chup if the set of model cars I bought him was a good gift.
"It was perfect."
He smiled.
Tucked back my hair,
and kissed me on the cheek.

If you have any advice on how to be 35, or how to be married you can comment here, I will make sure Chup and Lucy get your five cents worth. Actually, because that phrase is so old, inflation has changed the wording. Now it's like a dollar sixty-seven's worth. Depending on who you are...

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