Ahhhh Much Better

Happyment! Darlings! Happyment!
Is it weird to say that I actually prayed and got an answer to coloring my hair? I take the "knock and it shall be opened unto you promise" quite seriously. I've been known to pray about all sorts of issues including shopping expenditures. People sometimes admonish me that I "need not pray over every needful thing" --but I don't! I brush my teeth sans prayer and most days I can choose my shoes without any divine guidance.
Yesterday I also prayed that Benji would win on So You Think You Can Dance, which seemed appropriate because he is a dancer that shares my faith. My prayer was granted in this case. Which increased my testimony that the church is true.
I usually pray before entering a car wash.
When eating alone, I bless the food in my head, and for some reason I slip back in to French. Vocal benedictions remain in my mother tongue English (not Irish)(easy mistake.)
If I don't pray at night I wake-up horribly grumpy/depressed of spirit.
I pray like mad before and during the operating of any machinery smaller than a compact car (four-wheelers, snowmobiles, tractors, scooters, fork-lifts etc.) This type of prayer might be genetical because Steph does it too...or used to.
A prayer is offered before I publish words I made up (see: genetical).
Yesterday, while my hair was being processed, I read an article in BYU Alumni Magazine that argued the most important restored doctrine from Joseph Smith was attainment of personal relationships with deity. That God is our Father, that he listens to us, and most importantly, answers us directly, was such an original thought it scared many people. When all is said and done, direct communication with God is the grandfather thought of our religion.
Just so you know, I really dig this principle.
I am so glad I brought that magazine to read. I actually prayed before going that I would withstand the fiery temptations to read those slutty salon mags. As a result, I was inspired to bring my own reading material.

So no, I don't know what Jessica Simpson was spotted doing last Saturday.

But being blonde again is so righteous.

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