Is It A Cop Out If I List?

My Life is Beautiful Because:
Mates of State
Big decks with canyon views.
Listening to Chup's teenage emo poetry.
Throwing pizza boxes into the wind.
Hashbrowns and late-night pancake eating.
Everyone spells mu-mu differently.
Ralph recovered from Duch's ear-chewing attack.
I recieve e-mails from S Hod.
I am home again.
Late-summer flowers.
I look at these photos 12 times a day.
Conversations with my neighbor Nick.
I am reading the Doctrine and Covenants.
Lani and Britney.
Lance and Mitch.
The Travelors
(And their subsequent children.)
My modge-podge craft from Girls Camp
My instant messaging pre-teen nieces.
The story about Jaimes meeting CS post-concert.
When Cutie wailed on the drums last night.
Apple picking with Kentucky.
Fun's admonition that "licking is very gross"
Chup's self-portraits.
Chup's patience.

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