Monday, October 6, 2014

Pink in Provo: Neon Trees, Rooftop Concerts and Downtown

 photo 20141003_512_zps221526d9.jpg
When one door closes, another opens. Last week I was running around madly prepping for our 5th Year Anniversary Rooftop Concerts Show and this week I am returning to some writing projects I've been putting off for...oh...months and...oh...months.

But before I go cheat on my blog with another blog and another essay for another anthology, I want to share my experience on Friday night.

First of all, before the concert Christopher meticulously sprayed my hair neon pink. Then we drove to the Meet and Greet before the concert. The first person who saw my hair was my friend Scott. He said, "What did you do to your hair?" And I said, "You mean, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" and he said, "BUT I DON'T KNOW IF I DO." But I did a photoshoot anyway:
 photo 10509652_716571498424091_7689798847736490787_n_zpsab557aaa.jpg
 photo 20141003_46_zpsfdeeb4f0.jpg
 photo f63855f0-8721-4d1b-90a4-68a2fa25c31d_zps3136e27e.jpg

That's Fictionist.

And my sister Lucy who was supposed to be my "assistant" for the night. But mainly she just ate cheese and crackers and drooled all over her favorite band (Fictionist). In other news, I am on the look out for a new personal assistant.

There were a lot of jokes about my hair, you guys.

But then the Neon Trees came into the reception room and Tyler gave me a big hug and said,

"Courtney, I love the hair, you did it for us!"

And from that moment forth I wore that pink hair more proud than Katy Perry herself.

(Did I just type that sentence? And am I going to leave it there?)

Then we took photos with Sarah Wiley and Justin Hackworth. We called them the Founder's Photographs. Because we're the founders of the Rooftop Concert Series see?
  photo nt3_zps0d18a3c7.jpg
 photo nt2_zpsdb8c1cb0.jpg photo nt1_zpsc46ec563.jpg
Isn't it cute how Sar and I are holding hands? I call her Sar.

The concert started shortly after this with the fantastic Blue Aces.
 photo rooftopconcert-166_zps72b9895a.jpg photo rooftopconcert-208_zpsbd7b8b1d.jpg photo rooftopconcert-219_zps420db397.jpg

(After the show the girls offered to babysit my kids some time. I love them.)

Then, Fictionist. For those who like intelligent rock.
 photo 10006237_689644937770792_2069735920434778339_n_zps04ada99e.jpg photo rooftopconcert-306_zps7b6fbcdf.jpg photo 10310654_689644927770793_414366147311886081_n_zps7b9a725d.jpg
 photo rooftopconcert-371_zps701a35a7.jpg
Note: they did NOT offer to babysit my kids some time. But I still love them anyway.

We had a half hour between the last two sets and so we filled it with sponsor swag and thanksgiving and a whole lot of love towards this incredible audience.
 photo 10403530_719000671514507_2525057866491461971_n_zps8b3ac7e7.jpg photo nt4_zps19bc55e4.jpg photo 20141003_476_zps0f54a304.jpg photo nt5_zpscfbcc7c3.jpg photo 10557313_689647411103878_1042435046255089709_n_zps0d5f620f.jpg

All credit to my friend Devin Baer of Google Fiber Provo. He was the one who had the vision for this show. He also was generous with us this year as a sponsor. photo rooftopconcert-474_zps583b613b.jpg

And then, the Neon Trees came out and the crowd sorta went wild for them:
 photo 10410850_689646714437281_3097382076965275790_n_zpsb1da5206.jpg photo rooftopconcert-863_zps14b1209f.jpg photo rooftopconcert-971_zps6fef7922.jpg photo rooftopconcert-1015_zps96af96b6.jpg

During their encore, I got to go onstage with Mayor Curtis and present the band with keys to the city and declare October 3rd Neon Trees Day in Provo.
 photo 10696188_10152820130831424_5685023356608246539_n_zpsd2fa2c1e.jpg photo rooftopconcert-917_zps7adb70bb.jpg

By that time I had taken off my boots and was walking around on pinched, throbbing feet. Then my hair started flaking off onto my furry, John Snow yeti vest. My eye make up melted and sunk into my baggy eyes. My lipstick, a shade of a night well spent. We all congregated back into the reception room where we ate brownies and lemon squares and talked about everything.

Stu from Fictionist was riding a skate board and Carina showed up in a fabulous leather jacket. News about BYU's defeat to Utah State and Taysom Hill's broken leg were briefly mourned. Emilie Campbell told me a really funny story about pregnancy sickness and Costco chocolate muffins. My niece Morgan and her friends stopped in and made me feel like a cool aunt. The security guards on the other side of the glass doors stood by and watched.

My favorite part of the night may have been chatting with Kaneischa Johnson. She was the master planner of this whole night. She put a lot of sweat and tears into this show and it had payed off beautifully. "I have cried so many times tonight with happiness," she said to me. She totally deserved it.

And so another Rooftop Concert Series chapter comes to a close. What will happen next year? I don't know, but in the meantime, I have some essays that are begging to be written.

This is the life of a shape-shifter...
 photo ddeec75f-6864-452d-a02f-f9c10e35eaec_zps6ee1ce80.png pleather pants.

photo cred to: Justin Hackworth, Leah Naomi, Emilie Campbell and Sam Shultz.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Come To My Massive Party Part 2!

 Can I tell you about my day?
Thanks I just need a second to sit down.

6:30am I woke up early to a hungry, snugly baby. I picked her up and fed her under the covers. When she finished her breastfast (you like that one? Huh? Just made it up right now!) she gave me a huge smile. I took a photo:
 photo f0e31af8-3a0a-4b68-8ed3-ea582eb3b4db_zpsdee4a200.jpg

7:30am I rolled out of bed and got in bed with Anson who was awake but not stirring. It's my duty to see that boy dressed and fed and out the door with Dad by 8:00.

8:05am the boys were tiny bit late. I kissed them both good bye.

8:30am fed a bowl of cereal to a child encompassed in a minky blanket. I think it was Ever. But it looked like a fuzzy amoeba, so I don't know really. Also, fed a bowl of cereal to a perky Erin. She is one crazy morning baby. She likes to be dressed and ready for a day of possible social outings. But really she spends a lot of time on her modified electric four wheeler in the Green Room. And when she's not riding the four wheeler she's yelling at her siblings to stay off her four wheeler.

9:00am took Ever to preschool. IT'S FIELD TRIP DAY and the FIELD TRIP is KRISPY KREME!

9:30am waited in the car so I can hear the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on X96 Radio From Hell. The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is something I've been keeping a secret for a very long time. It's about our Rooftop 5 Year Anniversary Show. It's....well...this:
 photo RooftopConcert-2014Octfinal_zps165c518f.jpg
9:45am I get the go ahead to put the news out on my channels. So I post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook:

 photo 32FEF953-8BE0-44EA-8CFA-11105628FE4C_zpsstua5x9f.png

9:55am I am covered in chills because I finally got to announce our big surprise. I've never kept a secret for so long in my entire life. Six months! That's a long time to keep a secret right?

10:00am bundled up Erin and Iris and headed to SLC.

11:00am met up with Christopher at his office and chatted with his boss for a bit then headed to Abc 4 Utah studios. Christopher took the girls to get a drink and snacks while I ran inside.

11:30am announced on tv our big news: Neon Trees is headlining our 5 Year Anniversary Show! Yay! Hooray!

11:35am took a picture with anchor Emily Clark. Isn't she so beautiful? I look stoned. Stoned by the chemicals of Good News! I guess!
 photo 30980EE2-7DF8-459C-865D-8F2AC857AEE0_zpsd16a0ixi.jpg
Man I really like that Emily Clark. I even touched her back after she let a snake crawl all over her in the segment before me.

11:50am watched the Abc4 staff go crazy for the #ProvoRocks t-shirts that deputy mayor Corey Norman brought for everyone. He was super popular in that studio. Almost as popular as that snake that crawled all over Emily Clark's neck.

 photo 7f7397d1-584d-4c2a-a360-c8e0640d8fd8_zps409268f8.jpg

12:00pm grabbed Mad Greek with Christopher and the girls. Erin drank my cola. Please don't think less of me as a mother. Instead, think of how awful the word cola is.

12:30pm left Salt Lake City. Girls slept in the car. Watched the stormy clouds smother the Wasatch Front. Got lost four times. See my previous post about me living in a fog.

1:30pm picked up Anson and Ever from Aunt Lucy's house. Anson asked me to take video of him waving this wand around "really fast so it's bluwy" but I messed up and took a photograph when I thought I was taking video. Oh stop it like you never do that either.

 photo d6c96fae-c919-4e40-81a8-d3b67f96718e_zps5119a77f.jpg

 Lucy has lambs living across the street from her front door. Lambs! (Sorry, no photographs.)



4:30pm Are you still reading this? OMH (as they say in Provo) why?

5:30pm went to the park and it was biting cold. Christopher met us there and wrapped up the baby and held her while I acted like a robot pushing the girls on the swings and Anson climbed a tree.

6:00pm dinner: chicken noodle soup and Pugliese toast. Thanks Costco!

7:00pm half of the house falls asleep. Who knew one field trip to KRISPY KREME could make a girl so drowsy? I want to fall asleep too, but must...keep...moving.

7:15pm I fed the baby and she fell asleep too. I headed out the door to go shopping for something to wear to this concert I keep promoting. I answer about 201 texts and reply to 345 tweets. I talked to Lucy on the phone as I perused every piece of clothing in the mall.

9:45pm all roads lead to Target.

10:00pm came home to Christopher with some refreshments in my hands. He ate while I tried on the possible wardrobe choices. He was very adamant the peplum dress with the stripes is NOT going to work. I say it is going to work. Then I check myself out in the mirror downstairs (the mirror that never lies) and I wave my white flag. He was right. It is not going to work.

(Sorry, no photographs.)

11:00pm answer 721 more texts.

11:59pm decided to write this. So I could always remember this day. But before I started to write I thought about how blogging and concert promoting and community activism is all part of who I am as a mother. Being a mother includes being me. Maybe even more to that point, being me includes being a mother. So anyway.

I am going to bed. But before I do, I want to make sure you know you're invited.

 photo 93042508-28F9-4285-886C-83F6746D7825_zpscobx8sjp.png photo d029fa4e-a2e2-4841-92a0-16fe1d643884_zps7fabdc5c.png

Here's a guide to the concert. And here's a picture of me right now as I write this.
 photo 7AE0550C-0DC9-497F-B97D-62F46A311E6D_zpsiwezzkuq.jpg

Oh sure like you never blog in your robe.

Why are you always so much cooler than me?

1:02am I need a cola.

Monday, September 29, 2014


I had four babies (plus a miscarraige) in six years. I feel really crazy.

My brain functioning is incredibly slow. My friend Paul recently compared this feeling to dial-up internet. Downloading or uploading is like a never ending blinking arrow on a gray computer screen.

I recently spoke at a function where I totally, completely forgot what I was saying mid-sentence as I was passionately trying to make a dire point. I panicked. My face was hot flash red. Don't ever make me do that again.

I feel less like a "parent" and more like a "zombie." Seriously, there are times when I wonder if I will ever feel like I am a human being again. I am the undead. I am the half-living. I feel like I live in a constant state of brain freeze without the frozen confection in my hands. That's the worst part probably.

But anyway, it's worth it. Because, look! JUST LOOK:

 photo 20140910_7273_zpsd57ab5cf.jpg

 photo 20140910_7233_zps0f8aec9a.jpg photo 20140910_7238_zps3351b3b5.jpg
 photo 20140910_7208_zps6459824f.jpg photo 20140910_7055_zps7f762ec0.jpg photo 20140910_6980_zps5c95cc55.jpg photo 20140910_6989_zps8cc9747f.jpg photo 20140910_6910_zps73895a50.jpg photo 20140910_6903_zps66a65e32.jpg photo 20140910_6900_zps94d1557a.jpg
 photo 20140910_6917_zps1e49f4d8.jpg photo 20140910_7090_zps5c3cf286.jpg
 photo 20140910_7294_zps71315a46.jpg
 photo 20140910_6826_zps46a21316.jpg

I mean, to trade a few brain cells for like seven thousand hugs a day? It's nothing to complain about.

To survive this hazy and frenzied life, I repeat to myself, I won't always feel this way. I won't always feel this way. I won't always feel this way...

 photo 20140910_7359_zpsbe73b199.jpg

And if I am wrong, please don't tell me. Let me believe it's true.

Thanks Justin Hackworth for the photos.