Thursday, April 3, 2014

Practice: Three

I've had some really great days lately. I think writing helps. I've come to realize I am a better mother when I write. And because of that, it's sorta imperative I do it as regularly as I can.

I'm trying to "live in the present" which I think means I actually listen when my kids are talking to me. And it's working I'd say. But every so often I think about being 3 months postpartum--the part where my hair starts to fall out and people start wondering if I'm expecting again because my belly hasn't deflated AT ALL--and it makes me panic. A little bit! Not a full fledged panic! Just a little because really, that's when you are no longer freshly postpartum and life is supposed to be carrying on only that you still feel like you're recovering from a shipwreck. AND NO ONE IS BRINGING YOU MEALS ANYMORE.

This is my plan:

When I am 3 months postpartum I'm going to make a hair appointment with my guru Erica at Shep Salon and let her cut magic into my disappearing tresses. And I'm only going to wash my hair once a week because washing hair that falls out in clumps is a bit depressing. A little bit! I realize cancer survivors have it worse! PERSPECTIVE.

When I am 3 months postpartum I'm going to start making monthly appointments to get a massage. You can get really great cheap massages around here and that's because there are a lot of massage therapy schools. And hair schools, incidentally, but I've already taken care of that problem (see above). I can't really get a massage right now because (I'm chest leaky) and because being away from my baby for more than twenty minutes makes me feel like I've lost my wallet and I can't find it anywhere. And how will I pay for this massage IF I CAN'T FIND MY WALLET?

When I am 3 months postpartum I'm going to get back to regular date nights OUT OF OUR HOUSE with CK. Chup. Christopher. (Can I just call him Christopher now?) Because the thought of a restaurant and a newborn is the most unappetizing idea I can conjure right now. You sit down to sushi and that baby will start screaming, on cue, every time. I know. This isn't my first rodeo. Sushi with a side of screaming baby will ruin a meal faster than just about anything.

When I am 3 months postpartum I'm going to buy a new hue of lipstick. A good lipstick, a great pair of shoes and something to eat can pretty much make me a happy woman. Don't judge, I am my mother's daughter. We have Southern California in our blood.

When I am 3 months postpartum, I'm going to be ok with feeling sad and maybe bluesy and I'm going to accept help when it is offered and I'm going to let the village raise my children. A little bit! Not like I won't ever see my children--just maybe after they've been fed by a neighbor. Also, a bowl of Goldfish is an acceptable dinner.

When I am 3 months postpartum I'm going to look back on this day when I wrote this blog post and I'm going to whisper THANK YOU to myself and then go back to nursing this gorgeous, bright-eyed baby and listening to my Anson talk about computerized laser booby traps with cross bows you engage with your cell phone.

Booby traps. INDEED.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Oh hi it's me again. Just another practice in the works.

Today we went to Costco. Did you see me there? You did didn't you. You did but you didn't want to bother me because my baby was screaming and I looked like I wasn't wearing pants. I wasn't wearing pants by-the-way, you were right about that! I thought I could get away with that red cotton dress and that large cardigan. But when Ever dropped Midnight Applesauce (or whatever her My Little Pony is named) over the cart and I had to bend down to retrieve it, I think we both noticed I probably should've been wearing pants. Or at least leggings. In my life leggings are pants PLEASE DON'T QUOTE ME SCRIPTURE ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW.  Anyway, maybe next time?

I'm so grateful for all the kind comments I got yesterday. It was really like old school blogging up in here. Thank you. You know, you were all so kind I sorta had this moment where I thought, I'm loved by people and so what if my house is cluttered? It's ok. And then I decided all I was going to focus on this week was feeding myself, my baby and my children. We're just going to make sure we all get fed every two hours. All of us. Because I gave birth to a bunch of people who get angry when they are "hungry". You know, "hungry."

So that's why I was at Costco with a screaming infant and no pants.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Practice: One

I want to write the birthstory of our Iris, but I'm afraid I'm so rusty at writing right now, I might have to practice.

So this is a practice.

I am a little over three weeks postpartum. This birth brought with it a hellish recovery. I've had a double breast infection which turned into a yeast infection (of the chest) which turned into a flu which turned into me turning into a zombie. I've cried so many tears my friends, I've cried so many tears and actually tried all the medication and all the remedies. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME YOUR REMEDY because I've tried it. THAT INCLUDES YOU, OIL PEOPLE.

But I am better today. I no longer have the desire to stab someone with a sharp object when my baby latches on. Also, I DON'T HAVE A BAD LATCH, BREAST FEEDING PEOPLE. I had two nurses OK my latch. So get off my latch ok?

If you can't tell I'm a little ornery too. Not for lack of sleep. My sister Page took my kids for a few days so I could sleep. Then CK took my kids to Idaho this weekend so I could get even more sleep. I'd say sleep and a nice breast pump (that CK bought from a woman in a parking lot in American Fork!) saved me from giving up on breast feeding all together.

But yes I do feel a little fragile. I keep telling myself I am fine. I AM FINE. Because whenever I feel fragile I usually tell myself it's because I need to be more righteous, but listen, what is more righteous than giving birth AND THEN SUFFERING FOR IT?!

Oh this practice is not going well.

I'll try again tomorrow.

(Thanks for listening!)

(Yes, I tried cabbage. THANKS AGAIN!)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Announcing: Iris Eve Kendrick

 photo F1B8C1DC-1330-48B1-AEB0-898A6E7561B8_zpszjkjcitx.jpg photo F5B14E61-75EF-44C9-9B5D-1AE71E9DBB1C_zpswshuxwzf.jpg photo E34187E3-5F88-4A45-8A3F-1F3D9113EB7B_zpsyforbfpb.jpg

She's been called a buttery croissant of a baby. A little irresistible and a lot of cheeks. Her brother likes to hold her while practicing his pronouns ("He's so cute!")("Anson, it's She's so cute!"). Ever likes to help out the nursery fetching diapers and ice packs for my chest (ouch!). Meanwhile, Erin steals licks of  her little sister's face and when the baby cries, Erin demands to know, in her lispy rich voice, "WHATITH THAT NOISETH?"

As for the father of this Baby Pudding, he acts as a charmer, purring her to sleep when needed and always using the quiet opportunities to tell me, "You made a good one."

As for me, I feel like I gave birth to a Queen. A royal infant. That's how this one feels.

Birth story to come. For now, icing-chest, diapering, day-sleeping and staying inside our newborn conclave as much as possible.

Thank you all for your well-wishing!

Friday, February 7, 2014

C. Jane Vlog: Fascinating Womanhood Documentary

Sisters Emily Fox King and Erin Fox have produced a documentary on the global success of the1963 book Fascinating Womanhood and its author Helen Andelin--a book promising a woman a more satisfying and magical marriage, a "lifelong love affair" by learning to be more childlike in your approach to romance.
Although many women haven't heard of this book today (partly due to a strong reaction from feminist groups who felt the book did more harm than good) the book has sold over two million copies and recently printed a sixth edition.
In this vlog we talk to Emily and Erin (and cute Duncan!) about their Fascinating Womanhood documentary, the legend of Helen Andelin and take a quiz to see how fascinating of a woman you are! (Spoiler: I am a VERY fascinating woman.)

Also, see here for a rough clip from the documentary including interviews by authors Joanna Brooks, Stephanie Coontz and Maxine Hanks. Also here and here for updates on the project.

Happy Olympics Weekend!
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