Provo State of Mind

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Provo has been on my mind.

Yesterday the mayor announced flights from Provo Airport to Oakland/San Fran and I've been daydreaming about weekend trips to the Bay Area, eating at my favorite taqueria in San Mateo and taking in the Pacific from the Presido. I love that city. I love it so much.

Then I happened on pictures of Jordan Ferney's apartment in San Fransisco and I thought about those photographs all day. She lives in a 500 square foot apartment, I love that too.

But Provo, I am pretty dedicated to this place. And so I started to think about living in a 500 square foot apartment here. And that's when my thoughts went crazy on me. Possibilities popped up and I started to feel less crowded with ideas about how I should live my life.

I don't want big spaces to fill up with lots of stuff. I want a small space to fill up with my family.

I keep asking Heavenly Father to give me courage to live honestly. I think I've always known I am more of a 500 square feet apartment dweller than a thousands of square feet home owner.

And, I'm a Provo girl.

So we'll see where that takes us.

 photo A228F394-8B08-45E5-AF8F-FFBD21240E50-17691-00000B80CCFA5C90_zps9363fbb8.jpg
Velour this Saturday: The Moth & the Flame with Polytype two gorgeous musical experiences. Promise me you'll go? I think time is running out when we can just drive down the street and see these bands live.

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