Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let You Tell Me A Story

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So, your stories. Your stories. YOU AND YOUR STORIES are teaching me right now. I am reading stories I feel honored to read. And this gift of sitting down and reading narratives of my fellow sisters around the world is perhaps the greatest gift I've ever asked for and received. Hundreds of stories. Real people, real women, real tragedies and triumphs.

Last night Chup and I put the children to bed and dedicated two hours to cleaning our house. I sorted toys and clothes--flung about and strewn throughout the hallways and main living spaces of our groovy Retro House. Chup scrubbed the dishes with his rolled-up pants (I know Chup is serious and dedicated about getting a job done when he rolls up the bottom of his pants to Huck Finn length) and also blended, strained and heated warm soy milk on the stove. I wrote for awhile in my journal and scheduled out today in hourly form--to make certain I didn't blow another day of sunshine. We watched every minute of the Papal announcement from our reclined couch-bed in the den yesterday, and although we all needed a recoup day from the flu, laying around has it's messy consequences.

But no matter the activity yesterday, my mind was on you. Your stories. Your bleeding stories. Your funny stories. Your photographs. You. And I still have hundreds to read. And I keep thinking, here I live in Provo, Utah, a city of fellow Mormons and white people (and people who want to change things up) and I've lived here my whole life (mostly) and here I sit reading the stories of people of the world, connecting without leaving my own office. My mind is stretching immensely. What a birthday gift--to grow my own consciousness and increase my awareness. I owe you.

This is my way of saying thank you.


Karan said...

Courtney... You are very welcome, there was some amazing reading in those posts. Also a massive thank you for your writing too! Love and regards Karan

Christine said...

I must admit I am kind of jealous. I want to read those stories too!
It gets my mind turning to think about how all these stories must be, and it makes me wonder how other women feel about being a woman in today's world. I wonder how their experiences are the same or different from mine. Somebody ought to host an essay contest or something for that, just so I can read those essays. ;)

Diane said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying them. ;)

Anne said...

That would be Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer.

Sarah said...

Courtney I felt very much the same as I read some of those wonderful women's stories. The hardships made me cry. Since then I learned that I miscarried my baby, I was 10-weeks along. It was so hard for me as I had prayed and thought I'd received an answer with this baby. Since being pregnant I had very clear visions and dreams of the future and this baby being added to our family. It was so difficult. I'm still in the middle of the miscarriage - it's horrible, horrible, horrible. The anguish is almost too hard to bear. I have to remember the plan that my Heavenly Father has for me and that I don't know the end from the beginning. Faith. Perseverance. It's all so hard. This life is hard, aye?

Sonja Stinson said...

do you mind emailing me? I know your busy but I have a question about your last post:) Thanks

Lisette said...

I love this phrase.....What a birthday gift--to grow my own consciousness and increase my awareness. I owe you.

I love how self reflective you are. A woman after my own heart.