It's My Birthday

 photo d0541c60-7840-4c4f-97b7-95f0abaf1e81_zpsb7fc93bd.jpg

Would it be ok for me to ask something of you today for my birthday?

I want to hear from you. Who are you? What is your story? What is making your life terrifying or blissful or both right now? What are your wishes or dreams or prayers? Are you in love? Out of love? With what? (Or with whom?) And what is circulating in your mind right now? What's your truth? What's making you laugh?

Write to me in the comments here, or in my inbox (cjanekendrick @ or on facebook, or twitter (if you can do it in 140 characters), or send me a photo on Instagram: cjanekendrick, or whatever you want to do. It means a lot to me.

Thank you. I'm thirty-six today. It feels old.

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