36 Things: 28-36 Good News Purple Shoes

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This week I am writing 36 things I will do/hope to do in the year I turn 36.
Here's Day Four FINAL:

28. Record an audio file of me reading some of my essays. My friend Scott Wiley has offered to record me at his studio and suggested Chup be there to chime in. This way the recorded session will sound more like a cross-section of a vlog and a blog. Maybe we'll sit on a log. And I can clog on the log. Maybe we'll make it available to the public. I'll think about that as soon as I recover from this brain fog.

29. Read The Autobiography of Christopher Layton. Christopher Layton is an ancestor of mine. Is he your ancestor too? I only ask because he was a polygamist with ten wives and sixty children. That's almost enough posterity to populate the western United States. Anyway, he was also a colonizer, statesman and leader. My brother Topher is named after him, as is was my grandpa Layton Jones and my nephew Layton Checketts. And my Erin Caroline is named after his wife Caroline, who birthed the beginnings of my family. It's high time I started figuring out about these people of my blood by taking these books off my shelf.

30. Speaking of Erin Caroline Squishy, I want to throw her a loud, noisy dance party in the Green Room for her second birthday. That girl can bounce and dance and twirl like no one I know. She was born into the rhythm and she deserves a celebration for being such an awesome little human. Go Squishy! Go Squishy!

31. Get a consultation from landscape artist Richard Bingham. Last year, when it was so hot and unbreathable out, I convinced Chup to rip up the decaying matter in our front planting area. This meant a few sickly bushes, a couple wilted desert plants and one insane tree that defied science. A professor actually came over to our house to study this organism plowing out of our front lawn--which had one species growing at the bottom and another species at the top. So weird. Anyway, what was I writing about oh yes now we need to fill in the empty space with flora and fauna and Richard is my guy. He's a plant artist.

32. Climb from the bottom of the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho to the top. I say climb, but I really mean walk on the winding road. Still it's a steep road. The earth actually rips open and you can see the belly of the planet. I think there is actually an event when Twin Fallers (what do you call yourselves?) get together and climb out for charity. I must research this.

33. Visit my friend Tresa in Fresno. A couple years ago I learned about Teresa from an article she had written about Mormon feminism and her work with WAVE. She intimidated me, but her ideas were really invigorating and I started to think about them and actualize them more in my life. Then one day I met her at Carina's house and we became fast friends. Since that day we've had some beautiful experiences together and I always dream of visiting her and her sweet family of three in California. Maybe when canning season starts in the fall?

34. Publish guest postings on porn and sexual addiction. I hear continually from women who are hurting because of this problem in our culture. Many of them would like to write about their experience to encourage others. I think it's time to start talking about this--even if anonymously. If we don't help each other now, our children, I'm afraid, are doomed to repeat.

35. Wear my purple shoes (top of this post) somewhere. Symbolic of getting my spice back, once again. Also, getting my physical balance back. (Did pregnancy ruin anyone else's balance? Just me? Oh I see.)

36.Clean up my blog. Take down the side bar photos of yesteryear. Redo the links. Maybe the format. But most of all, clean up my act. Write for the satisfaction of a good job done. Write and write and write because it's the right thing to do. Write and be at peace.

Here we go!

What are you doing in 2013? I'd love to hear it! 
Also, any suggestions, recommendations, feedback about my list is welcome . . . 

Are you coming? Let's meet at lunch?
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