Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Post About Boy & His Sick Pregnant Mother


My Anson is sort of a warrior. He likes justice and truth and adherence to laws. Where there is breaking of codes or covenants Anson is there reminding with a stern disappointed demeanor. If Ever steals the iPad, silently smuggling it into her room to watch a Netflixed dynamic episode of Dora, he will sniff out the perpetrator and report her to the authorities post-haste. And most of the time his duties are done in alter-ego--a transforming robot who makes the ch-ch-ch sound when he moves his clunky metal body throughout the house.

But yesterday Anson was just Anson. He watched PBS for awhile, he said he wanted to "play alone in my room" for half hour and he picked through our crowded tiny-toys bin looking for suitable toys that could fit into the palms of his human flesh hands. He unloaded the dishwasher when I asked and he "babysat" Squishy while I ran downstairs to print some papers.

And in the mid-morning I felt queasy and started to gag.

"Hurry Mom," Anson yelled, "to the garbage."

I ran covering my mouth with a full face of fingers. I opened the garbage lid and started to purge but the lid snapped back and I misfired.

"Mom, I'll hold it for you," Anson said positioning into action.

And as I heaved he held that garbage lid like a sentential at the citadel. And every few gasps he'd say,

"Good Mommy, you are doing good."

Moments later after I thought I was done and wasn't--in the middle of picking up toys in the kitchen hallway-- I ran again to the salmon-colored sink for round two. My hands were full of toys and bags with pita chips for the girls. But as sputtered and spit, I noticed my hands were suddenly free to wipe my face with cold water.

When I looked down there was my Anson, his arms full of toys and bags with pita chips. He had stealthy taken the objects away as I stood bent over the sink in agony.

"I'll hold these for you Mommy."

All the while as I continued lunge and purge I thought about my son's future wife, the lucky woman who gets to marry such an earnest hero.

Sweet, little reminders of good things...

Tomorrow is the last day to bid on these brilliant angel originals by J. Kirk Richards and help the Women and Children in Crisis. See my post here!

Do you have your tickets for the Lower Lights show next week? No? They are selling out! Buy quick! It's a gorgeous concert in a beautiful spot and you will never, ever forget it! Last year's concert continues to make me cry. See you there!


Alyson said...

So heartwarming I can't stand it. I have a child like this—he is my youngest, not my eldest. And he tells me the most important thing he does is "take care of me", even though I feel like at this point I'm pretty good at taking care of myself, and him. I have to find little ways to let him help and serve, because he just came with that desire built into him and I certainly want to help it grow.

Sorry about the barfs, I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

What a sweet little boy...

Natasha said...

Oh, this made me cry. What a sweet boy.

Kristi said...

So sweet!

Vesuvius At Home said...

Oh Courtney,this made me cry. I'm so glad there are feminists like you raising boys. I'm a feminist raising girls, and together our children will make a better world. I believe that.

Jewels said...

I believe we are born with personalities firmly intact, but, I have to applaud you and Chup for raising a son who is so compassionate and kind.

kaila sue said...

Thanks for sharing this. It made me cry. what a sweet, sensitive boy you have raised!

Alicia said...


Carol said...

So inspiring that even in the thick of it, you see the good and that you write these meaningful moments down!

Townhouse Towny said...

Damn the hormones, that socked me in the gut. What a guy! I love that you record these snapshots of your life, it will change so dramatically over your existence and these records will be such a treasure.

Sidenote, what a fine example Anson's father must be setting for him!

Katherine said...

Seriously, the sweetest little boy ever!!!

Susan said...

Such a sweet boy.

Reenie said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. What a sweet lil guy he is.

Diane said...

More tears from me over here. If you ever needed proof that you are doing a good job at this parenting thing, I think you got it!

Elizabeth said...

That totally melted my heart!

AJ said...

Totally made me cry. What a sweet heart.

Sandra said...

I pretty much just started bawling. I am going to blame the pregnancy hormones over here.

Julie said...

of all of your posts that have made me cry this made me the cry-iest. 3 of my 5 are boys and i love being a mom to boys for all the crazy, dirty, loudness of life but mostly for the sweet tenderness that they all have. anson's wife will be a blessed woman.

Rebecca said...

This is just the most precious thing in the world. What a sweet boy.

karen gerstenberger said...

What a precious, loving, caring boy. You are doing a good job raising him!

Greg and Janet said...

What a sweet little boy you are raising. Hope that you feel better soon.

Barb said...

What a sweetie. Darling. Hope you start feeling well soon.

Also, heck, yes, I'm a feminist!

Sarah Burgoyne said...

That has to be the sweetest thing I have heard in a long time. What a wonderful helper you have been blessed with. He will make a wonderful husband some day :)

Becky said...


Raychel said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who cried!!!

mandbrid said...

Brought tears to my eyes....

The Wilsons said...

Totally teared up--this is beautiful!

I wish you the best and that the sickness passes soon. (Though if not, you have the perfect little warrior to help you through it.)

Jennifer (the car seat lady from the Bean museum months and months ago--yes, I'm a reader-hardly-ever-commenter type--sorry!)

Paula said...

What a lovely child! You're doing something right mom and dad! That is so incredibly nice to see.

Mandi said...

Aaaawww....that is just so SWEET! You guys are doing an amazing job raising a loving, caring, considerate young man.

And the fact that someone vomiting doesn't induce sympathy gagging for him? Bonus points!!

I love little stories like this of peoples children, thanks for sharing!

Charity Suzuki said...

oh my cookies!! What a little sweetie! <3

Deborah said...

Aww. I've been having bouts of n&v with fever & no up chuck assistance. Maybe a bowel obstruction. HATE ! Anson is so sweet and compassionate. U r born with a personality yes, but empathy must be taught. Awesome props 2 u & Chup. Hope u feel better soon.

Emily said...

This makes my heart gush. What a tender little boy. What a blessing.

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Oh, I wanted to cry! So so very sweet!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! and I thought there could never be a cute story involving barf... what a sweetie!

Lilly said...

I am a long time reader and rarely comment but I so loved this post.

What a boy! And you are so right, Anson is going to make a wonderful husband and father one day.

You and Chup are making the world a better place one child at a time (now I hope that doesn't make you barf again...). Hope you are feeling better......

G. said...

Boys like that grow up to be men like my boyfriend. Don't worry, that girl will be lucky and will FEEL lucky. Annnnd, tears.

Teresa said...

That's just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. There's nothing like a mother's love for her son, and nothing compares to how much he loves his mother. You are truly blessed

Delightful Domestic Science said...

That made me cry. The sweetness of children is truly Christ like.

Heather said...

What a sweet boy!

Laura Jane said...

what a champ of a boy , bless his heart, and bless his Mama who sees his radiant soul

redpen2010 said...

Anson acts that way and knows what to do because of his mother. :)

Maya said...

awww that brought tears to my eyes!

Rachael said...

That made me tear up. What a good boy!

Kimberly said...

Well. That one made me weep.

Geo said...

There is sunshine in that wonderful soul.

Erin said...

Love this story, absolutely sweet.

Jen said...

awww. what a sweetheart.

Mauzy Fam said...

I'm in love with your son! He's adorable. I just cried thinking of my 4 boys and how much they love their mama and so innocently want to serve, love, and please me. You've got a good one and you're right, his wife is SO lucky!

Bethany said...

granted I am hormonal and 6 months pregnant with a little boy... but this made me instantly tear up.

soetmin demedts said...

So apparently writing about vomit càn be charming...only you can do that! :)

dressesandmesses said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. What a sweet little guy!

Vanessa Brown said...

Good job taking care of your mama. A smart girl looks at the way men treat their mothers.

Jaly Can said...

Great looking urban art. I am so glad to get a peek at it!

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