Parade of Pink Roses & P-town

I promised my mother some pictures of the pink roses outlining the Provo temple this weekend. She's in St. Louis and sometimes she misses the ol' P-town. I swear, Memorial Day weekend brought the roses out in fragrant force. We must be doing something right around here.

AND I just inked the Guide to the June 1st Rooftop Concert Show, if you're in the neighborhood I really think you should stop by. It's going to be a aesthetically dynamic show. I've written before how much I love The Moth & The Flame music, how it makes me want to be a better writer, how I feel so mesmerized when I listen to it, how I used it as the soundtrack to my last pregnancy and labor with Erin. Is there any better endorsement? I'm also anticipating good experiences listening to the co-headliner Desert Noises and the warm up Timmy the Teeth. Please join me!

Me with The Moth & The Flame at Justin Hackworth Studios
(video of my interview with them here!)

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