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La Salvation

I. This story starts way back before I had many other stories. Just about the time I was handed a journal with my name embossed in gold on the right bottom corner, purchased at the local Mormon bookstore for my eight birthday. It starts on that first page where I began recording my presence on the earth--and all I seemingly wanted to write about was the desert. Friends. A little bit of family. And the desert. My entire timeline was logged in as BLP and ALP--Before Lake Powell and After Lake Powell. Here is the birthday party I attended before I left for the lake, and here's the report of how the lake was this time, "We camped in a windy cove. The lake was very choppy". We went often enough that there was always a time period in between where I'd be waiting for the next five hour trip through the desert down to the marina. Everything--every season, every birthday, every religious rite of passage was either before or after Lake Powell. Leaving the dusty town of Hanksvi

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