To do To da

My To Do List Today:

Wash the gunk out of the bottom of my walking shoes. I've traded early morning walks with early morning writing, but promised myself a good hike once a week. So I pushed myself this weekend and hiked along a really rocky trail. Felt great. Came home with weird crap IN my shoes. And it smells. You're thinking it's poop, but it's not. More like silt? I don't want to talk about this before breakfast.

Make a vat of lemonade. I like to have it on hand and because oddly, water always tastes weird this time of year. Sort of like it has silt? (That word seems like it should be very naughty, for instance did you know it's also a verb? As in, "the basin was silted up." Scandalous!)

Help Erin repair her art project from yesterday. She asked me all day to help her with a craft. Like, that's the line from my parental nightmares, "Mom, can we do a craft?" But I was too busy trying to make Father's Day dreams come true so I put her off. Eventually she did one on her own (SEE HOW THAT WORKS? FREE PARENTING HACK!) but it was a beaded banner and it collapsed twice! And now I have to help her start all over so jokes on me.

Make the kids clean the Green Room because it looks something a president would look at from a helicopter and order a National State of Emergency.

Send this image to CK and convince him once and fall to join me in converting all of our house to wicker--something I started doing last year even though he mocked me ("You mock my pain!"). I just like wicker ok? It's natural and it's witchy and if it's good enough for 1970s Stevie Nicks, it's good enough for the Kendricks!

Make an appointment to see if that recurring side pain is what I think it is: gallbladder. Or what I think the doctor is going to say to me: in my head. There's really no gaslighting like medical gaslighting am I right ladies?

The girls have Book Club today, and Anson and I have a goal to do something active together. On Saturday we biked two miles and he hated it. Maybe we'll try a hike to some wildflowers. It's trendy in Utah right now.

Before we venture out though, I've got to get those silted up shoes cleaned and absolved of filth. See how this is going?

It's 8:42 and I'm already tired.

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