Friday, June 21, 2019

Road Trip!

Went into the desert with cousins yesterday to fill up, you know, spiritually. A dip in the dry sand and a visual intake of red rocks does me pretty good for a few weeks. I want to write a book about my relationship with all of these special parts of Utah.

(Am I book writer? Maybe.)

I do know that when I go into the desert words are pulled out of me like a magician with a hat and scarves. I can actually envision how the words look on a page. It unlocks me.

I love this season of my life. When the kids can play in the water without my accompanied maternal anxiety. When they can narrate their own adventure, and leave me to mine. When I can think. I couldn't think for ten years, I swear.

After we put the kids down, my cousin Lisa and I got into a laughing fit and couldn't stop. You know, when you think you've stopped yourself, but then it hits you and you have to start all over? It was like that. When you don't even know why you're laughing in the first place.

Then Ever said to us from the top bunk of the sprinter van, "Are you guys going to stop so we can  sleep?"

And I replied, "Sorry Mom."

Then we started laughing all over again.

Stay tuned for that chapter in my book...