Parting Shot

I appreciated all the feedback this week as I attempted blogging again! Because this isn't a full-time job for me, and internet comment moderation is really a ton of work, I would like to post some reactions here. I very much value the ability to converse with readers (just not in the dreadful comment box).

"We are all on this crazy journey of discovering ourselves and our voice in this world.  In my humble opinion, the best way to take that journey is to expose ourselves to other "thinkers"/"writers" who sometimes agree and support our point of view.... and other times challenge us to look at something from a different perspective."--email from New Jersey (

Never want anyone who reads my writing to think I am trying to convince, only consider. Thank you for coming here with an open mind!

"Hello--I know you are working on being woke, so I thought I'd help you. The word "Hispanic" can be considered offensive to people as it's a government word used to classify people. A term that is more acceptable to that/my community would be Latinx."--Instagram DM (cjanekendrick)

Post corrected. Grateful reader took the time to send me the message. I apologize for not taking the time to research the term before I used it, and will take note for future usage.

"I'm always happy to see new posts at your blog. I enjoy your honesty and humor and unapologetic badass tone. Such a breath of fresh air around here. I worry that if I ever run into you in public in Provo (like at the grocery store) that I'll be a tongue-tied fanboy."--Twitter Response (cjanekendrick)

At this point in my writing career if anyone has something nice to say to me while I am out and about in Provo I am surprised and grateful. ;) 

I just read your short post about moving to your own room and I cried. Tears of joy. Because I didn’t even know I wanted and NEEDED that until I read that. I don’t have the extra space (yet) to have my own room, but I WILL find a way. Even if it’s de-junking a closet, adding a lock and a tiny squashy mattress on the floor - I will persist.--Facebook Comment (Courtney Clark Kendrick)

I am so happy this post was helpful! It has been beautiful pushing boundaries past the tired rigidity of "traditional" spousal expectations. BTW been in my own room for five days now! I am sincerely like a new person! But I have yet slept alone in my room because turns out I get a particular lonely at night. And I might be slightly afraid of ghosts. But seriously, yes, find that closet or corner or whatever and live! I am the new Dr. Laura.

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