Pictures From My Phone: A Hipster Party Cheetah & A Clownish Hyena Go Get a Sandwich

Ever and Erin are in the school play this year. The dress rehearsals are this week. Ever is a clownish hyena and Erin is a hipster-party cheetah (?) and I am their costume designer. I have been working very hard on both of their outfits. Too hard probably. I can't help it, I live for this stuff.

I gave my mom a few Rupi Kaur books this morning. She's new to Rupi. I think she'll love the feminine power prose. Stay tuned.

We went to Bear Lake for the weekend where there was so much snow it was impossible to walk in it without falling a few feet down. Well, I mean if you're above a certain weight. My body happened to sink (OKAY). It was sort of funny and also annoying when you just want to get from point A to point B. Towards the end of our stay I decided to make the most of it and turned my sink holes into little snow caves for the kids. This is peak body acceptance.

I was laughing here but honestly it wasn't that funny.

Look at this grilled egg, bacon and cheese sandwich--CK cooked the egg so perfectly the yolk spilled out when I cut into it. When I fell in love with Christopher I didn't know he would someday do this for me on a very cold day in Bear Lake after I had been trying to weasel my way out of quicksnow. This picture was taken as I was officiating the wedding of Grilled Cheese to Tomato Bisque which as you know is very holy matrimony. May they be as happy as me and CK and still surprised by skills after 16  years!

You know on sunny days when you can't see anything on your phone camera so you shoot hoping for the best? I shot this one yesterday and I am pretty impressed that my selfie game is so natural that I didn't even miss my face, but sadly this wasn't the picture I thought I was taking. I thought I was taking this one of CK and is brother MD.

Thank you for coming to my phone photo dump. It's been everything you ever wanted. Much like the yolk that spills from the perfect grilled cheese you use to dip into the steaming pot of tomato bisque.

Mazel tov!

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