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Just checking in to say that reading the chapter in Bridge to Terebithia where in (SPOILER ALERT) Leslie dies did not go well at all and now Anson won't finish it. WILL NOT.

"They killed off one of my favorite characters of all time!" He protested. He was angry. I explained that all those emotions are very normal when someone close to you dies and that reading this book could help him navigate his way around death and loss. I tried to assure him that reading books that shred your heart actually make you a better person in the end. More compassionate, empathetic, and prepared for life.

Blah blah blah.

He will not finish it.

So I told him I would read the next chapter out loud and he could listen if he wanted. But then, the next chapter is the scene where Jess gets carried like a baby by his cold, distant father on the road and then I started to cry to the point where I couldn't talk and Anson was like JUST STOP MOM, OK?

But I had a most lovely time in Austin. Here's a picture:
And here's another:
We were laughing because one of us spilled water on know what? Never mind, it's too long of a story. I am going to go lie down and listen to a podcast. For the FIRST DAY OF SPRING I cleaned for almost 24 hours yesterday (slight exaggeration) and today I am hobbling around like an arthritic lobster. If you can imagine.
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