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Here's what I am going to do on this post: I am going to tell you how I am voting on my ballot before I mail it in.

Here's what I am not going to do: pretend you care. But if you do care, congratulations you just made my best friend list.

Here's why I am doing it: I have seen several people I respect be transparent about their votes for this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT election and I figure it doesn't hurt to add my opinions to the pile. I like reading voting considerations from a variety of people because it strengthens my own, or it makes me revisit my persuasions.

Here's what I will not be persuaded on: human dignity. Humans beings have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of (their own, not yours) happiness. People of Color, LGBTQIA, Immigrants, Refugees, Folks Who Have Disabilities (physical and intellectual), Individuals Who Have Mental Illness, AND IN GENERAL ALL WOMEN AND CHILDREN are HUMAN BEINGS. And furthermore, I do not define a country's success on its economic health, but the health and safety of their most vulnerable populations. This is the underlying ethic I take to the polls.

Here's what there will be A LOT of:  CAPITAL LETTERS to show PASSION! (And "humor" but like the nerdy political kind.)

And away we go...

United States Senate: Jenny Wilson (D). I like her ideas on health care, public lands and will stand up against Trumpism. You know who won't stand up against Trumpism? Mitt Romney. However, I did appreciate the Salt Lake Tribune's endorsement of him because they posed the idea that this could be just a one-term thing for Mitty and I could probably handle that knowing that in six years there's a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim chance we could send a moderate Democrat senator to Washington if Utah continues to lose support for the worst administration that a comic book writer could not even conceive. Ok? Let me dream.

United States House of Rep District: James Singer (D). In working for an election for this very seat last year it became apparent to me that the biggest three problems this district faces are: economic diversity in rural communities, public land protections, and quality of life issues for tribes in San Juan County. And among all three of those the one MOST pressing is the latter. There are roads in SJC that are so bad in the winter that kids from the reservations cannot get to school. There are troubling trends with racism, including voter suppression. There are third-world issues in these communities that cross all sorts of bureaucratic wires. We need a rep with federal accessibility to bring commodities to this corner of our state--someone who has the patience and time to unravel the crossed wires. We need someone who deeply cares. As a Native American with family in this district, James Singer brings a passion to this issue along with a vested interest in protecting the highly precious and vulnerable public lands in this district. I wish those of us along the stable and highly functioning Wasatch Front could put our votes towards those who need the most protection and help in our district.

Utah County Commission Seat A: Teri McCabe (UUP). Teri has been out doing strong civic work for years now. I appreciated her citizen support in my former capacity at the Provo mayor's office. She is informed and invested, and most of all, not a candidate pinning for a career in politics. She's not running to go up any ladders, she's running because she cares. And that is some tea for all you who have read this far.

Utah County Commission Seat B: Jeanne Bowen (D). I am going to be honest, a piece of white bread could be running against Bill Lee and I would still vote for the bread. (Hey, now there's some bread to go with the tea I poured in the paragraph above.)

Ok...skipping a few here...

Excited to vote for Mckay Jensen for School Board because he's an incredibly kind civic leader who has done a phenomenal job. I am really impressed by the job he's done getting new, safe schools for our kids. Plus he's running unopposed so I have no choice really, and speaking of running he wears fantastic shoes.

Judges  seem to be good to go, except did you read Holly's post about Christine Johnson? I need to revisit that vote before I make it permanent.

Constitution Amendment A: FOR
Constitution Amendment B: FOR
Constitution Amendment C: AGAINST. Our state leg DOES NOT need more power and I cannot believe that as a DEM voter I am having to vote against "small government" GOP on this one.

Opinion Question #1: FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR. Creating a pathway to get more funding INTO our classrooms has been sorely needed for my entire life as a Utahn. This pathway is the most substantial thing I have seen proposed. Please vote for our kids, our teachers, our classrooms. Please Utah, do NOT leave this up to the legislature to figure out, they have failed us for years on this MOST IMPORTANT, VITAL issue. For more info, see here (oh my goodness I just linked to Doug Wright-strange bedfellows!).

Prop 2: FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR. I have watched friends fight for medical cannabis for years now. They are fighting for their children. The latest antics between the LDS Church and the legislature disgusts me. This initiative has been hard fought BY PATIENTS and PARENTS and should not be the result of church and state backdoor negotiations. We are not a theocracy Utah, please support the people. Again, I cannot believe I am a DEM fighting "small government" GOP on this one. For more info, see here.

Prop 3: FOR FOR FOR FOR expansion of Medicaid. Why? Please see "human dignity" paragraph at beginning of this post. Children in our state need more coverage, as do our most at-risk populations. Utah, vote like Jesus on this one. Heal the people.

Prop 4: FOR FOR FOR FOR ending gerrymandering in our state. It's ridiculous. Everyone should welcome an independent counsel--including the "small gov" GOP who I don't even know anymore. Who are ye GOP? I hardly knew ye. But seriously, this is a decent Prop and fair-minded, moderate people should have no problem voting FOR.

Lastly, Provo Police, Fire & City Facilities Bond: FOR. I worked inside this building for the last 3 years and despite the fact that NOT ONE PERSON in my life has asked me my opinion on this (BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT HURT ABOUT IT OK?!) I can tell you that every single day I worked in that office I worried about my safety. I worried about an earthquake toppling the structure like Jenga yes, but also just a general very strong wind. I worried about an active shooter and the choices I had to get out of the building. I worried about the ancient elevator getting stuck because it was known to happen (I confirmed several times that PROVO RESCUE could save me in that clunky machine.) I worried about my co-worker who had to pump in a small bathroom stall shortly after she returned from maternity leave because the building was not built for working mothers in mind. We worked at options for a day care inside the building but nothing would pass code. And that was in the mayor's office which was supposed to be the C-suite, the luxury offices, you know? I can't imagine what it's like for those in the other parts of the building. Please Provo, care about those who care for you, vote for a city building that makes us all safer.

Ok, this has been a marathon. If you read this entire post please let me know on facebook or twitter or instagram or text me, or email me or call me (JK DO NOT DO THAT I AM AN INTROVERT) or just wave to me when I see you out and about and I will enter your name into my drawing to win something I don't know yet should we vote about it?

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