"For me it's an extraordinary gift to see something and to write about it. For me, no experience is complete until I've written about it." -Michael Longley

I think I've had a breakthrough about writing recently. I don't think calling yourself a writer has anything to do with your technical skills, your education, your perfect prose, but it has everything to do with how you experience the world.

For me, when I am having experiences, they fill up my head in words. I am constantly asking myself,  "How would I write this experience down? What words would I use? How would I phrase things so as to arrange the narrative to make a comprehensible piece?"

Couldn't all artists just substitute Longley's words "write/written" for whatever medium they experience the world through?

 I think so.


And so the list goes on.

This is just a thought I needed to write down so that I can say I've completed this breakthrough experience.

So it is write/written.

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