Cave Popcorn

A few things to remember:

+Jessica Preece eating cheap pizza and Bishop's Bash ice cream in our backyard while we talked and talked and talked about a spectrum of politics and watched the girls put on Singing in the Rain tributes. Having a friend with a PhD in gender and politics makes for the most interesting conversations inside of a genuine friendship. Meaning, of course, if she had a PhD in accounting or some other snoozefest subject she'd still be my dear friend--her field of study is simply a cherry on top. AND EQUALLY AS JUICY!

+Carina allowed me a few hours for brunch to pick her brilliant brain about work and tech and life. She is like a human lantern for me--always illuminating the better way, always finding light when I am tripping around in the dark. She's never short on simple, pragmatic solutions and she never ever conveys shock at anything. Being shocked takes up a lot of energy, and so people who are never shocked have a reservoir of IDGAF. These are my people. I'm shocked I didn't understand this before.

+Yesterday we were at Great Basin National Park touring the Lehman Cave. At one point the ecologically enthusiastic park ranger asked, "Does anyone know what these bubbly formations on the cave walls is called?" Having just read the kiosk at the Visitor's Center, Anson correctly answered the ranger's question, "It's cave popcorn!" Then the ranger then said, "Yes, you are correct!" to which Anson responded with an equally enthusiastic dab. (He is ten. You'll remember.) Then the park ranger said, "Uh, did you just dab?" and Anson said, "Yes." And the park ranger said, "Oooookaaaayyy" and moved on with the tour.

We laughed about that for hours and hours and hours. Iris can do a perfect retelling. It's definitely going in the Anson Kendrick Hall of Fame for Family Stories.

+Our generous inlaws bought Anson a kayak for his birthday and we took it out for the first time outside of Delta, Utah in the west desert. All the kids took turns taking it out on the warm, shallow, aquamarine water as Christopher and I watched from the shore. We could see them deep in imagination, narrating stories in their heads about being explorers and marine biologists. At one point they ventured into a swamp-like area with tall reeds, we called them back to the shore but hated to interrupt their Sacajawea, Louis and Clark expedition.

+This afternoon I did some house projects while watching Tig Notaro's new Netflix special. Have you seen it? It was so delightful. The ending! It had me! I was laughing so hard and in so much suspense.



Just after the popcorn cave dab incident of 2018! 
(AND SPOILER ALERT! There used to be a speakeasy in this part of the cave! Prohibition is the most hilarious part of American history! A speakeasy in the middle of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE NEVADA in a HUGE LIMESTONE CAVE! How hard up were people?!! Oh man, not to be rude but prohibition sounds like an idea Ol' Mike Pence would come up with! Oh jeeze everything is terrible.)

Wheeler Peak isn't messing around, ok? Menacing as hell. (Sorry Mom I am wearing those abhorrent Teva replicas. Ok, but perfect Mom Shoes tbh.)

Maybe I over-did it on the filter on this one, but I've been off Instagram for almost six months now so let me filter for old time sake, alright? Lay off.

Ok last of all please excuse the bathroom selfie but look at my hair!!! OH MAN SO AMAZING! Do I look like your idiot uncle in 1976? Like in my spare time I rev up the engine on my mustang and troll the town for ladies while listening to Boston? Or maybe you've seen me down at the lake as the captain of a houseboat named "Nauti & Nice!"
It just looks like this when I wake up! I don't even try to be your uncle, though to be fair, we ARE both naughty and nice. OHHHH DAAAAAAAABBBBBBB.

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