It's 1pm, Time for Writing

Oh man I really really want to write but last night the entire family got absolutely engrossed helping Anson complete the diorama for his report on the Chinook Tribe and now the table I usually write on is a disaster. I don't know how I can concentrate to write when the corner of my eye is appalled at the amount of modeling clay stuck to the Legos we attempted to use and the purple paint smeared across my new writing table top. 

I am looking at a white tiny plastic dolphin right now that did not make it into the oceanic scene we created to depict the lifestyle of the Chinook. And she's looking back at me as if to say, "Ok, so what do I do now?" And I am like, "I think I should probably put you back into the bin of tiny plastic animals, but I've made a promise to myself that today I would sit down and write."

It's really awkward.

As a family we struggle with math. Christopher and I did not pass down any genius math genomes. We own it. We say to our kids, "This is a void in our brains. We're sorry."  I think we might have one child who may be able to get by, but it's an anomaly for certain. We've had such excruciating experiences with numbers, I am now drilling math into my kids like a sergeant. Before they can ask for any favors I make them work out a math problem. "Can I have a fruit snack?" "Yes, after you solve this problem: Louis had five fruit snacks, but his silly dog ate two of them while Louis wasn't looking..." This way I can either cure my children of their fruit snack obsession, or force them to acquire math skills to have their basic human needs met. Who is the tiger mom now?


Anyway, in what we cannot achieve on math tests we make up for in humanities. The project last night was really where we shine. First, we have studied the lives of American Indians (both past and present) for years now. We like to dive deep into culture and peoples-- there isn't a museum we will pass up. We also rally behind anything creative and innovative. Last night was all hands on deck--without provocation. Anson and I started the diorama together, but by the end of the night Iris was making tiny fish baskets out of clay, Ever was designing a "tree bark" dress, Erin was doing research with Christopher for historical and present day accuracy, and I was trying not to curse out loud in the chaos and noise. Some of us are better at application of art, and others of us are idea people, (and I seem to be the irritable default project manage) but together....boy we can make one slick diorama.

And the mess that comes with it.

Which I should just clean up real quick before I start writing this post.         

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