Looks Like I Have The Guts

See what happens tomorrow on this tantalizing blog! Maybe I will see if I can get my abandoned photobucket account to work so I can post some pictures from our weekend's exploits in Lake Havasu! In the meantime here's one of me I think I took when I thought the camera was the other way around during a sunny snow blizzard I ran into during my daily walk.
 photo ECE89865-E0C6-4114-A5FD-735694A5D26C_zpsvr1mmdbq.jpg
I still have an iphone 6 and I am not even ashamed. I do not however have an affinity for the Yankees it's just that I think Christopher found this hat somewhere and it's really warm.

Ok, time for preschool pick up.

Hopefully the next time I write it will not be to let fam know how things are going in the Sunset Senior Assisted Living Home in Orem.

 Lawds, how I hate Orem.

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