Lake Have The Flu

I don't know how anyone slept this weekend knowing that I would at some point post pictures of me and my family in Lake Havasu.

 photo IMG_3472_zps0g5xdezu.jpg
As Christopher's parents Kay and Ernie have made the important life decision to become SNOWBIRDS, we've capitalized on their stellar idea, and for the last two years ditched Utah February for Hot Arizona. Not only is the warm weather a welcomed sensation on our pale skin, but the kids get fabulously spoiled by their grandparents.

Last year we spent most of our time checking out the more tourist types of stuff. You know, the London Bridge (not falling down), the hot air balloon festival, and the local beaches. But this year we ventured out a bit and saw more of the desert sandscape (did I just make that word up? If so I am super proud of it) and quieter inlets where we could hike, follow lizards and collect gold-tinged rocks and shells. The tryst of desert and lake has always resulted in my happiest times, and the Colorado River is water I recognize as home waters.

 photo IMG_3502_zpshuccrofv.jpg
Please know that if I post a picture of all my kids together smiling (or partially smiling, or somewhat expressionless, or at least with part of their face directed at the camera) it cost me money. Either in ice cream, or a fizzy sugar beverage, or sometimes in the most dire of circumstances...cold hard cash in their opportunistic little hands. This is why I cannot afford a more luxurious lifestyle. All of my money is drained in family photo ops. But I do it for the fame.

 photo 5ec82876-3252-419f-89c7-af0175f19f6a_zpsupmmdthh.jpg
Parenting hack! If they don't know you're taking the photo...IT'S FREE!

 photo 70c4aa24-531f-4e4c-8013-0f3bba97b8da_zpsou2lgifw.jpg
Oh what have we here? Two parents on a beach taking selfies! It just got a little hot and sweaty on this blog! I just made your wait for these Lake Havasu photos VERY worth it.

(My mom is so grateful right now that I cropped that photo at the bottom, YOU'RE WELCOME, MOM.)

 photo IMG_3512_zpsvu9o1d8s.jpg
Well, it looks like that was pretty much all the photos I had to share. God Bless America!

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