I am Sorry to Orem

I regret saying that "I hate Orem" yesterday.

Because I don't actually hate it. Orem is our neighbor, and I've spent too many tax dollars there on account of their lurid retail possibilities to be so unkind. Why, I've helped build Orem! The schools! Public works! Salaries for its first responders! I've spent enough at Costco alone to build a new baseball field for Little Leaguers. I am not bragging either. We're solidly middle class around here. I am not some big spender. I am just an average woman enticed by the H&Ms and Targets of the world. Ok. Actually,  I have really really really reigned in my spending and I am kind of proud of myself currently because I try to give away more than I spend and I am doing pretty well on the whole. I've recently realized I don't want a life of full of stuff I have to clean, manage and maintain and I also want to be cured of my consumerism (it's a disease). But this about my apology to Orem.

I even went to college there.

But I still don't want to retire there. I hope you understand.

(You, whoever is reading this.)

Anyway, wish I could post some pictures of our grand adventure to Lake Havasu last weekend, but I took up all of my blogging time at Costco. This is not a joke. Ah! Life!

Now it's time to take the kids to the library. I am not trying to brag (because it's a real frustration) but my kids read so rapidly I can't keep books in house for very long. Anson reads a book a day almost, and then if we don't get him a new book, he'll read the same book twice in a row. This is a kid who wouldn't learn his alphabet until he was probably six years old and he had to go to early morning reading intervention in kindergarten with the nicest reading specialist on the planet. I am telling you, this teacher is the reason he has such an insatiable appetite for reading. Once he learned, he became rabidly curious about books and information and everything interesting about this world.

I hope you (out there wherever) needed to hear this story today about one boy and his reading journey. Or maybe you needed to hear about Orem. I don't know. But now my kids are yelling at me because I am not moving fast enough.

Let me at least post one picture. Because Photobucket these days is NOT CHEAP! Might as well use the account if I am going to pay precious money that COULD'VE gone to Orem Days Celebration City Fair (or something).

 photo e3e1a5ae-c8f1-4365-a5fe-4cc576319ffc_zpsk21kd6uo.jpg

This is a picture of Ever, Iris and Erin in Las Vegas last weekend with their Starbucks hot chocolate. I said HOT CHOCOLATE. (That's for my Mormon family who might be tempted to judge me for letting my kids drink sin.) Anyway, they basically spend most of their lives asking me to get stuff for them and saying Mom Mom Mom twenty times in an hour.

But they're cute.

Oh and I just remembered one more thing: Anson, Prolific Reader and Blessed First Born of My Womb was born in north Orem, just below Utah's fourth tallest peak, Mount Timpanogos.

So really, I have no room to hate. See? We're good.

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