Losing Things

In my determination to write more (and subsequently stay sane) I have joined author Ann Dee Ellis in a memoir writing group. 3 days a week she gives prompts and then for 8 minutes we write. Please feel free to join in! Here's my eight minute attempt today:

Iris' yellow spoon (why didn't I buy two sets?)
My battle of composure in a community that fights public transportation
My geometric gold earring from Darlybird, the pair wore every day until they broke up and one took off for a better life (is the story I say in my head).
Brown strands of hair (but I'm discovering new silver strands so it's ok).
My temper with September flies in my basement. As I write. Like right now.
My attention to almost anything that lasts longer than 10 minutes. (10? Maybe more like 7?)
My guilt about "screen time".
The bottoms to those piggy pajamas, size 3, very soft fabric.
My silver flip flop, jelly, sparkly, I've had them for years and in the fall I carefully put them away in a box and slip them out in the spring. Did this pair also break up...wait...

Oh my gosh. Did my silver jelly flip flop run away with my geometric gold Darlybird earring?

Mixing metals. Such rebels.

Good for them.

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