Spa Ha Moment: The Dream of 2015 Part I

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Here's what we did as a family this year:

January: on our way to Elko, Nevada we stopped at the salt flats along highway I-80. Anson especially was charmed by this salty wasteland.

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February: Erin found fashion.

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March: Iris turned one! We made it one whole year with this cuddly human we call Luxurious Baby.

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April: we planned a surprise birthday for Ever's 5th birthday. She cried and said it was "perfect."

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May: my kids celebrated Mother's Day with me on a warm day at Rock Canyon. One of my favorite places on this earth.

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June: the best company in the world Bullfrog Spas agreed to give us a hot tub for a year. This would dramatically improve our family, my marriage and my general ability to RELAX.

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July: we basked in all the Fourth of July our town had to offer.
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August: we continued our family adventures, this time to the Great Salt Lake & Spiral Getty.

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September: Anson started first grade. Ever started Kindergarten. Erin started preschool. Iris started talking. Christopher started taking his forties seriously.

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October: Hawkeye, a bat, a mermaid and a munchkin from the Lolipop Guild walk into a bar...

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November: we had Thanksgiving with our cousins the Checketts at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. After dinner there was dancing and swimming.

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December: celebrated Christmas with a metal tree this year. No fuss--just like this year.

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Good times. Great year. We're grateful for all we have.
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*first and last family photos taken by Justin Hackworth


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