"I read your blog. I don't agree with you but..."

I find that statement like fingers on a chalkboard. This blog is my life story. You are essentially saying to me, "I don't agree with your feelings and your life story." That is a really weird statement.

I am a personal essayist. I write my narrative. I'm don't write persuasive essay. I am not here to spill logic. I do not write to change your mind, in fact, there's a good chance I don't even know you. And I'm quite certain if I got to know you, and you told me your life story, I wouldn't say "Oh, I disagree with your story BUT I LOVE YOU!"

When you love someone you don't disagree with their story, you listen to their story. When you say you read my blog and disagree with me, what you are saying to me is that you are reading my blog while judging me. And while I fully understand I have no control over that on a public blog, I do have the ability to explain how it feels.       

I write what is in my heart, I don't write to change your heart.  

Let's be really clear about that.

Feel free to come here as a reader not worried about me trying to make you believe what I believe. I don't believe in that practice. It's not about agreeing or disagreeing it's about learning.

Hope that makes sense.

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