Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Spa Ha Moment: Romance in the Rain

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This month Christopher and I celebrated thirteen years of marriage. Marriage is a funny thing, you can't expect that the person you married will be the same as the person you wake up to thirteen years later. You're constantly getting to know your spouse because they're constantly changing/growing/learning new things.  I feel like we're both pretty different than we were thirteen years ago. And for the record I'd just like to say we're better. BUT WHO KNOWS.

One thing that really works for me in our marriage is that we somehow continue to up the ante on the romance. If we didn't do this sort of thing I believe four kids, two careers, a dozen side projects and Netflix would probably suck the life out of our marriage.

For our ten year anniversary we flew to NYC and did a food tour vacation. The only reason we could afford to do that is because Christopher is rich in Marriott and Delta frequent flier miles. When we were staying in the Marriott Marquee I thought about all those nights I bathed and put four little children to bed all by myself while Chup was in Orlando (or somewhere) working and let me tell you something, I really enjoyed that stay in NYC.

But I don't think upping the ante in marriage has to be a fancy trip somewhere. Christopher and I are always looking for something new to try. I'll spare you the details (UNLESS YOU WANT THEM?). A couple months ago we left our kids with my inlaws and drove out into the Idaho desert late at night to go dip in some hot springs under a full moon. That kind of stuff is good. It's goooood.

So the other night as we were celebrating out thirteen years together it started to pouring outside. There was also a magnificent distant lightning storm like a giant brigade of paparazzi in the sky. (You loved that sentence.)(So did I.) The kids were all in bed and we watched the spectacle from our front room for a while until I said to Chup, "Let's go get in the hot tub in the rain!" And he said, "I'll get my giant umbrella."

And so for about two hours we sat in our warm hot tub under a giant umbrella listening to the rain pound our nylon roof as we watched the sky make electric cracks in the clouds. If life can get more romantic than that night please don't tell me because I am not ready for that information right now. The whole night I kept thinking, "Am I swooning? I think I am swooning right now. I think I feel so romanced I am going to pass out. Is that the hot water or is that swoon? I think it's swoon. I AM SWOONING."

So even though Christopher and I are only mere teenagers when it comes to our marriage lifespan, I have to say spontaneity and adventure have never failed us when it comes to the health of our romance. (Also yesterday I was in playing barbies with my daughters when my husband walked by in jeans and sandals, and may I just say jeans and sandals also do quite nicely?)

Dear Chup, here's to thirteen more!

Thanks Bullfrog Spas!
Photo by Justin Hackworth