5 Awesome Things

1. Provo city voted to fund the rebuild of five schools--four elementary school and one high school, my Alma mater Provo High. On the night before the election I shared this on facebook:

 photo fbtitle3_zps54978fbd.png

I started writing on this blog when I worked at Sunset View and chronicled many entertaining moments I had there. I am happy to report today that the school will now get a new building it deserves! (I am also happy to report I can still sing the school song!)
Hooray for successful democracy!

2. Google Image Search: shaved llamas.

3. Our baby makes this face a lot. Sorry it's a blurry pic. The face only happens for a split second.
 photo 27c3aeab-c2a1-460c-8ee2-5c0782ad734b_zps718fbba4.png
Also, she goes deliriously silly when you sit down to read her a book. It could be because it's the only time she gets solid one-on-one attention outside of nursing, or it could because she's a novelist waiting to happen. I choose to believe the latter.
 photo a30482dd-84ef-4780-9e77-e6bcbfaf4a17_zps8bb110bc.jpg photo 110509c6-e25f-4487-afe7-c21c26602149_zpsc7ed7eb4.jpg
4. We dance to this song multiple times a day by Dirty Provo band RS2090, W/ASKILLET:

5. I've decided to try again at thirty-something-motherhood-postpartum-body-fashion on Instagram. My purpose is to celebrate my body NOW and the clothes that fit me NOW without hoping, waiting, expecting me to change. I want to be a good example to my children of someone who can accept the current state of my mind and body, and also to continue to pursue those things I find interesting and exciting. I have always found clothing to be exciting (thanks Mom!) and oddly therapeutic (I can do anything if I have the right clothes to do it!) and in the past this interest has made me feel a bit vapid, but I need to get over that. I don't know if this is a "awesome thing" but I am going to post once a week in some lovely spot in Provo. And I am going to try not worrying if things aren't perfect when I post them. (We're shooting with our iphones for heaven's sake!) If anything, it's a study of my vulnerability threshold, because EGADS do I feel exposed.
 photo image9_zpsf3972efb.jpeg
 photo image2_zpsb17545ab.jpeg photo image10_zpsa8b6f4cc.jpeg photo image1_zpsaa342596.jpeg
If you want to either unfollow me or follow me I am cjankendrick on Instagram (#cjanekendrickfashion). Either way consider this your heads up.

Have a jolly weekend and thanks for reading my blog. 

I feel lucky to have you around.

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