Because Teachers Have Feelings Too

Need humility? Be a teacher.

Here are some comments I have been the noble recipient of in the past week (alone):

"Are you wearing make-up today?

"You don't look good, why are you here?"

"I like your perm."

"What were you on Halloween in that costume? It was weird."

"My sister doesn't like you. I tried to tell her you were nice, but she still doesn't like you."

"How did you get so fat?"

"Is it ok if I call you big? You are bigger than me."

"When are you going to have a baby? You've been married for like ever!"

"The most interesting thing about you is that you don't eat cheese. I don't know what else."

"Do you like how we tease you? Sometimes it makes me feel bad because we are so mean to you sometimes."

Weeks ago I walked in on one of my sixth grade classes taking a poll (recorded with a bar graph they had no doubt learned that morning in their special pre-calculus geometry physics class -these gifted and talented students! Exhausting!) Question: How do you like Mrs. K's hair the best? Straight. Curly. Sorta Curly. Messy.

I was so mad! Quickly I reprimanded them.

"How I do my hair is none of your business! Don't you have anything better to do?"

I ordered them a tedious writing assignment as a severe and everlasting punishment. While they were busy typing away I took a peek at their sheet. Curly beat out straight in a close call: 6 to 5.

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