Halloween 2014

Behold! I give you pictures of the Kendrick Family Halloween 2014:

Iris Eve: as a night owl (but seriously, the bags under my eyes right now):
 photo B121BB39-BF7D-47AB-AF01-22745DD72A2D_zpsrreeybza.jpg
 photo 80066052-E235-4F75-9394-CB94178E548E_zpsbiwrswod.jpg

Erin Caroline: as Anna Waiting for Elsa to Stop Giving Her the "Cold Shoulder" and Finally Answer A Simple Yes or No to Do You Want To Build A Snowman or What? ("Hang in there Joan!")
 photo 21884C99-6C32-487C-B5A1-B2F0EFB708EB_zps49jg4job.jpg

 photo EFD6D6D4-982E-48F0-9949-77991FC82CC8_zpsyhomwzm6.jpg

Ever Jane: You Thought She Was Going to be Elsa BUT HECK NO BECAUSE...ASTRONAUT!
 photo 92A7E368-129A-4072-B77C-66E7AC5384C7_zpsl3yjannl.jpg
 photo FCF8C1C4-D9BF-45AB-8118-5FCF8EBB6DA4_zpstgmcfmpr.jpg photo B6AB4DE9-2291-4222-A0C3-E53B58D0713E_zpslhduhlj2.jpg
(Like, you don't know how happy this makes me, ok?)

Anson Idaho: Harry Potter!
Oh yes, two years in a row!
But this year we've read the first book!
 photo 3878C510-9210-4B01-8B00-DF39E8CAF3DC_zpsbpkklohj.jpg photo 2080F691-4564-4855-9E56-09B2E554CB9D_zpseofvkija.jpg
I mean, this kid is FEELING it (which is why books are the best thing ever).

And now all together:
 photo 499b6fd3-8340-44bf-9e71-dda991be8f88_zpsddb06513.jpg

Early on in our parenthood Christopher and I had big plans of homemade costumes, midnight sewing sessions and cardboard cut outs, but this year we succumbed to the store-bought enterprise, and though it pains me a little my kids don't care one bit. So why should I? I said WHY SHOULD I?

(They also seemingly don't mind being popular characters which was always my worst Halloween nightmare--every year I took great pains to be something entirely original. If I saw someone in a similar costume it would ruin my holiday. Why are my kids so much more laid back than me? Christopher?)

But I should also add, Anson is wearing my sweater as his Hogwarts robe and so that's got at least a little homemade charm to it. See? I haven't sold my soul to Costco. (Except that I really have.)

Oh look, here's a photo what it looks like when you sell your soul to Costco:

 photo ab9f2590-17bb-460a-804b-bb9defb68772_zps31ac78b6.jpg

That's not even a real skeleton. Calm down.

But yes, the cleavage is 100% real.

Thanks to the Springville Art Museum and their incredibly friendly staff for letting shoot our photos on at their beautiful facility! We love that place. 

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