Musical Magic Show

I think something magical is going to happen on Friday night at the Rooftop Concerts. I don't know what, but something beautiful. I'm sure of it, because how can you get three of Provo's most artistic, smart and interesting bands together and not make something sexy come out of it?

I hope people come, lots of people. And I hope they have a transformative experience. I hope they come away from the concert viewing Provo (and specifically downtown) as a place where creative people come together and make art. I hope they'll never think of Provo the same way again. I hope on Friday night people will come to the concert and fall in love--maybe with someone, but also with some place. I hope that place is Provo.

Here's what we're going to do. Start with a little Coral Bones.

Next, we'll dance with The Brocks.

Then the night will be set for The Moth & The Flame.

Come and change your life.

 photo RooftopConcert-2014Sept_zps72bd9cce.jpg

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