Monday, August 4, 2014

Hip Hop Week: Grand Finale

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I read a comment recently where someone asked, Aren't mommy blogs places you go to read about what someone is planning to do for the weekend and then for a week read about that weekend?

I keep laughing about that.

So, about my weekend...

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Me with my nieces Lindsay and Emily. We're holding hands. Cute.

Thank you for your wardrobe help (and kind words!) on Friday! It was thoroughly entertaining to read your feedback. After much contemplation and conversation with my real life stylists (Jacqueline, Camille and Lucy) it was decided that although outfit 3 was a clear winner on this blog, the gray shirt might reveal my perspiration on stage and thus be a disastrous piece of clothing to entrust my reputation for the night.

We went for the black widow top, and because I love boots just about as much as I love a good thunderstorm, I wore the boots. For me. You know.

(I wish I would've worn the black skirt too, I'll be honest. Because I look at these photos and think, Who is that person in those paaaaants? But the moment has passed...)

Here's what I learned: talking about, thinking about, and reading about my appearance left me a vapid mess by Saturday night. I really believe what those smart friends of mine Dr.s Lexi & Lindsay Kite of Beauty Redefined preach: women are more than their appearance, and a steady study of one's reflection doesn't create a happy, healthy life.


But the concert! It was stellar. I can't stop thinking about some of the best moments. Thanks to those who came and danced and waved their arms and screamed for more. Thanks to those who performed and danced and waved their arms and gave more.

Mimi Knowles made the crowd swoon as usual.
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House of Lewis brought a funky, high-energy, vibrant set with costume changes, crowd surfing and plenty of  twerking.
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Can't Stop Won't Stop brought their best beats--some of them still ringing in my ears.
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And the audience was full of love.  photo 20140801_4959_zpsa8c789e9.jpg photo 20140801_5108_zps811c6f55.jpg

This was community at its best. I was really proud to be on that stage.
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Me with DJ SkratchMo when I popped on stage to dance during the House of Lewis set.

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Throwing out tons of spoils to the crowd.

One more thing, last week in my efforts to invite everyone I have ever known to get into the hip hop spirit I crossed the line into the waters of culture appropriation. I am very sorry. I am grateful to those of you who gave me the benefit of the doubt by assuming I didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable or belittled. I have deep respect for this culture, and I am learning how to express that appropriately. So, a very huge and sincere thanks for your patience with me now and forever.

I love the Rooftop Concert Series. Can't wait to do it again in September.
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All great photos by Justin Hackworth. All the others, my cell phone.