Pioneer Pride Up in Here

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I woke up this morning and googled Pioneer Day Utah because I really didn't understand if we were celebrating the day Utah became a state, or the day Brigham Young said "This is the place" or the day the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. I am 37 years old and I never really got it.

(The answer is B, by the way.)

We went to our ward Pioneer Day breakfast at the park where we celebrated our foreMormons by eating pancakes the young men cooked and playing tug-o-war and three legged races. I think there were more games but my girls ran off into the depths of the park and I couldn't find them for about fifteen minutes and after that I was sweaty and sorta swear-mouthy and so I headed home.

Funny, I complained about walking home from the park, which is--across the street, with a stroller containing a crying baby and two young girls who also complained about riding their little bikes up a slight incline and also that the bottles of orange juice the ward supplied were warm. WE WOULD'VE MADE HORRIBLE PIONEERS.

After that we headed to my sister Page's cabin where we continued to celebrate with BLTs, frozen fruit bars and Cheetos. Oh my gosh, can you imagine walking the plains without Cheetos! That's literally what our ancestors had to do.

Then we went home, watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids, ate Ramen Noodles and had a little photo shoot with our newest pioneer princess, Iris, in a hat and booty combo our friend Cari knit, on a quilt our friend Gretchen made:
 photo 01634545-6972-49D3-AC12-B7318047610E_zpsaxwqyygi.jpg photo 9a1e8e13-6d17-4553-ba8d-568003330afd_zpsfc1849b3.png
 photo dfd063e7-f0c5-48e4-9e43-70cdc013f2b8_zpsb4231efa.jpg photo ff0777d6-3f92-4664-898b-58a9937f8555_zpsb16fb716.jpg

Then we made her sit in a wicker basked that Kmart made:
 photo ee3b0330-f3f9-4d73-92e4-13f6eb1804d7_zps7e21b27f.jpg photo 3f685313-ad67-4e88-b8e9-10418440f3cd_zpsda2fb1ce.jpg

During that exercise my neighbor Paula yelled over the fence and asked us if we'd like some string beans from her garden and then hoisted a huge garbage sack over, and that turned into everyone's favorite Pioneer game which is called "Cover the Baby in String Beans."

 photo 932bfc57-bc07-44ab-af94-2adf80213ea8_zps9d10f32e.jpg

Which for some reason reminded me of this outfit I used to wear every Pioneer Day evening when I was first married to Christopher. It was a vintage, red lacy pair of bloomers with a matching red lacy fringe top that I bought in a boutique in Haight and Ashbury which I LOVED and Christopher HATED but somehow became a tradition in our marriage that I'd wear every July 24th...until I couldn't (ahem) fit in it anymore. But anyway, I think my Pioneer sisters would've given me the fist bump for that thing.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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