Hip Hop Week: Poseur

Will you help me choose what to wear to the concert? As the concert host I have to get up on stage a lot and it's always really intimidating (you know, me and a couple thousand people). So I thought maybe I could crowd-source some opinions about what to wear this time.

I always like to go for flare and drama, and I sorta try to dress to the mood of the concert. This month I am looking for hip and maybe a little hop. Which I don't really know what that means at all.

I'll stop writing now and present my choices as follows.

1. The Black Widow:
 photo 92e17db5-eaa2-4110-bdf3-ed85b1b0da36_zps65e951a0.png
I've wanted to wear all black to the concert since we announced it. I feel comfortable in this. I like those flirty sleeves.

2. Biznezz Az Uzual:
 photo e874a504-5993-4d9b-af1f-bf543c228f13_zpsadf9ef32.png
Still black, but with a pop of royal blue. That shirt is very cool. Cool, as in not hot. But still hot, as in day-um. I'll stop.

3. Kashul:
 photo a9093fa8-42f6-48e7-b1df-f5289eb81cc3_zps43e083f5.png
Really non-fussy. I love the shirt, and I feel like once a year or so I should probably wear pants. Those are some fresh minty shoes too.

Well, those are your choices. Please don't reply with: NONE OF THE ABOVE. That is not helpful. The least you could do is pick the one you hate the least--didn't your mother teach you that?

I'll take a photo of me at the concert wearing the winning outfit. That is to say, my fate is in your hands. So don't do that American Idol thing where you vote for the worst. That's just terrible.

 Also, I trust you. (I think I trust you.)(I hope I can trust you.)

Thank you in advance.

 photo bf63675c-6265-47d2-bf4d-45d05e28d2a8_zpse74a9733.png

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