Hip Hop Week: My Baes Call Me Mizzle

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In honor of the first ever hip hop Rooftop Concert show this Friday (at 7:30 100 N 100 W TOTALLY COMPLETELY FREE) we've declared it Hip Hop Week at our house. We started today by updating our wardrobe (see above) and vocabulary.

My children are requested to call me Mizzle.

The baby drinks only drizzle.

When my children want me but I'm working on something I say, "Ask me later, I am too bizzle."

You run to the bathroom if you have to wizzle.

If you wanna a treat you ask for a cookizzle*.

Ok, you get the idizzle.

Because I am the host of the concert series because of this blog(izzle) I thought it was only natural for me to declare this week Hip Hop Week here too. This week stay tuned for videos, links, and some crowd-sourcing opinions for my outfit the night I host the concert.

(You'll help me get dressed won't you? You don't want me to look like a stooge that night, right?)

Now listen, I don't proclaim to know a lot about the hip hop culture, but I really do appreciate it. 

How much? Well, like this much:

That's me dancing like a fool a few days ago with my boyz from House of Lewis. I know their tunes by heart. They'll be performing this week at the Rooftops. Just after Mimi Knowles and right before Can't Stop Won't Stop.

Oh, look here's the poster:
 photo bf63675c-6265-47d2-bf4d-45d05e28d2a8_zpse74a9733.png

See you tomorrow Homies. Homeboys. Homebabies. Sugars. Sweet Sugars.

*Thank you to our nanny Hillary for making the cookizzles in the photos above. Having a nanny is SO hip hop. Ask Blue Ivy.

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