Hip Hop Week: Get Your New Hip Hop Name

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Welcome to Hip Hop Week: the second day.

For this week, everyone that comes to my house is required to break out in a spontaneous Hip Hop jam. Today I jammed with my nieces Emily and Lindsay (above) in the carport. They are both dancers. And they also work at Station 22 and Gap (respectively) to earn the "Benjamins". And no, I don't mean dates.

So I was thinking about what I could do for you, because we're all celebrating HIP HOP WEEK together, right? I came up with a very generous offering: for 24 hours if you comment on my blog and tell me your name and age, I will give you a Hip Hop name. Like this:

Hi C. Jane, I am Alison and I am 42.

And I reply:

Hi Alison, your Hip Hop name is: B Flat.

Don't be mad at me if you don't like your name. Just move on with life.

While you are trying to decide if you want a new Hip Hop name (or NOT) you can watch CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP's Scrape the Sky featuring Fresh Big Mouf :

They'll be headlining this Friday at the Rooftop Concert.

Oh did you want to see the poster again?
 photo bf63675c-6265-47d2-bf4d-45d05e28d2a8_zpse74a9733.png
Wouldn't be cool to come to the concert with a new Hip Hop name? You could even engrave into the new set of grills you ordered for the night.

Did I do that right? "A new set of grills?"


Remember, you have 24 hours to get your new name, so act now!

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