The Birth of Iris Eve: Post Script

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I was really grateful to the Doc of Day and our fabulous pediatrician for signing us out of the hospital as soon as possible. Under twenty-four hours from when my labor started we were back home, in the silver bedroom, surrounded by family, basking in the baby.

And thank you to Leah Naomi for coming over shortly after the birth to take photos of my Iris at home with us.
This is the post script to the birth story of Iris Eve:

  photo 20140322_1_zps69003f7f.jpg
 photo 20140322_16_zps86d2543e.jpg
 photo 20140322_53_zps5874eb08.jpg photo 20140322_50_zps345e5a86.jpg
 photo 20140322_47_zpsc8c1bb65.jpg photo 20140322_96_zps15a28109.jpg photo 20140322_95_zps0edacd2b.jpg photo 20140322_69_zps3f27cc52.jpg photo 20140322_103_zps15194dd6.jpg photo 20140322_126_zpscb6d7698.jpg photo 20140322_125_zps0535da1d.jpg photo 20140322_88_zps91cca4f0.jpg photo 20140322_84_zpsecc90fc5.jpg

 photo 20140322_108_zps9312cd5c.jpg

P.P.S- I've had many inquires about the book I mentioned in part one of this birth story. The book is called Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Shanley. It's a wild, sometimes alarming, pro-homebirthing book. It was a life-changer for me for many reasons, but it's not for everyone. If you like memoirs and new wave ideas and body-mind connections you might consider reading it. Let me put it this way, the first time I read it I kept thinking, what would people think if they knew I was reading this book? but by the end of reading it, I no longer cared what people think in general, at all. Good luck.

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