The Birth Story of Iris Eve: Part One

This is birth story about dreams and visions. It's about nest-making and letting go.

This is the story about how Iris Eve Kendrick was born under the pink sunrise of snow swept Timpanogos mountain in the late days of winter.

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Early in February I read a book about women who prayed with questions and dreamt the answers. It had a significant impact on me. At that time I was nine months pregnant and my due date was toward the middle of the month. After a very sick pregnancy I was eager to know how long this rolling and punchy baby was going to inhabit my body. So I prayed one night to know what day I would go into labor and this child would be in my arms.

That night I had a dream I was looking at a pool table. On the table were three pool balls with their numbers turned away from me. As I looked at them, the middle and the third balls turned to reveal a 7 and an 8. The first ball didn't turn.

I woke up with the thought that I would go into labor on the seventh and have the baby on the eighth. But given my three previous extended gestation periods, I didn't know if that meant I'd go really early this time and have the baby on February 8th, or last until forty-three weeks gestation on March 8th.

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My urge to nest with this pregnancy was stronger than the others. More than anything, I desired to clean and organize my surroundings--and the longer my pregnancy went the more I scalded, swabbed and sanitized. The morning after the pool table dream was no different. I was rearranging the front room when I became really tired. I landed myself on the orange couch and put my head back and shut my eyes for a few minutes. As soon as my eyes closed I had a vision of the dream I had the night before. There were the three balls again, the 7 and 8 were still turned, but this time I saw the first ball turn to reveal a number. It was a 3.

And I knew it meant the third month. March.

Right away I texted Christopher to let him know we were going to go into labor on March 7th and have the baby on March 8th--the same day as my oldest brother Steve's birthday. Christopher was away on a business trip at the time.

His response: Oh really? I guess we'll wait and see.

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*Maternity photos by Carolee Beckham Photography

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