Oh hi it's me again. Just another practice in the works.

Today we went to Costco. Did you see me there? You did didn't you. You did but you didn't want to bother me because my baby was screaming and I looked like I wasn't wearing pants. I wasn't wearing pants by-the-way, you were right about that! I thought I could get away with that red cotton dress and that large cardigan. But when Ever dropped Midnight Applesauce (or whatever her My Little Pony is named) over the cart and I had to bend down to retrieve it, I think we both noticed I probably should've been wearing pants. Or at least leggings. In my life leggings are pants PLEASE DON'T QUOTE ME SCRIPTURE ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW.  Anyway, maybe next time?

I'm so grateful for all the kind comments I got yesterday. It was really like old school blogging up in here. Thank you. You know, you were all so kind I sorta had this moment where I thought, I'm loved by people and so what if my house is cluttered? It's ok. And then I decided all I was going to focus on this week was feeding myself, my baby and my children. We're just going to make sure we all get fed every two hours. All of us. Because I gave birth to a bunch of people who get angry when they are "hungry". You know, "hungry."

So that's why I was at Costco with a screaming infant and no pants.

See you tomorrow.

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